Saturday, October 26, 2013

Baby Foot ...Another Japanese Wonder

Hey everyone! It's the weekend again and I can't wait to have this spare time to write to you about another amazing Japanese product. 
Chief has been complaining to me about his calloused and cracked sole of his feet. For years we have tried using different creams from different brands like Dr. Scholl's for example and many others. 
I also tried giving him a loving foot spa at home (yeah.. I have all the gadgets and machine for this at home!) only to give it a temporal beautiful feet... and also it was time and energy consuming for me.. not that I am complaining, I love taking care o my man, it is just that I can't do it often to maintain it since I am a working woman. ( I even find it difficult to have the time to update my blog all the more for other things..)
One day while roaming and being fussy with the health and beauty products at Spinney's I found this ..
Baby Foot from Japan. It says that it removes the hard skin from your feet. I scanned the box and this is what you see inside if you flip the from cover..
Seems easy to use.. which is good since Chief doesn't have the patience for things like this and will probably reject it if it was too complicated..
A bit pricey for 66AED for one time use but it says that it is just what you need..  one time use to remove dry hard skin and achieve the baby feet you desire.. 
When you open the box these are the things that you will get..a brochure showing the 17 types of Natural Extracts that was used to formulate this product..
oh and you better check this because if you are allergic to any of these, it is recommended that you don't use the product.
there's also this..
which has the precautions and warnings as well as directions for the use of the product..
apart from an extra guide pamphlet..
and inside the packet are these..
sticky strips are also provided to help wrap the plastic socks intact to your foot..
here's Chief's feet..
I suggested we watch a movie so that he wont notice having these things on his feet since they needed to be on and soaking you feet for two hours..
After soaking for two hours you rinse it with water...and... you will see nothing! lol!
This is normal.. don't worry, even Chief was telling me..I see no difference.. with a sarcastic look on his face.. of course I laughed! (but was crossing my fingers on my back) I explained to him that according to the product guide the peeling will start only between two days to 2 weeks after application.
Since we are busy people by nature, we totally forgot about doing this procedure after a day of doing it. You know when your mind gets all clouded with work, deadlines and thing you need to do during work week? Then three mornings after, Chief was rushing off to an early meeting so he showered before me ..( i usually go first on the shower)
On my turn on the shower while chief was dressing up, I heard him say " OH MY GOD!!" of course.. I got scared and asked "WHAT?? What happened baby??" and he went towards the shower to show me his peeling feet!!!! It was horribly amazing!! LOL!
With Chief's consent, I asked him if I could take the photos of his feet for the purpose of my review for the product on my blog.. and he agreed :) (for the first time!!! thank you my love!!!)
I have to warn you guys.. it's a bit gross but I want to show you the effectiveness of the product.. his right foot..
 and his left foot..
as I said.. "horribly amazing!!"
and again the following day I took another photo when he went out of the shower..
I know it's gross!!!
and they are continually shedding the dry skin.. according to instructions, you should just let it peel by itself and don't force it to avoid cuts on the skin since it will eventually peel off everything. You should help with the peeling by gently rubbing your feet (not much) while under the shower..
You guys may be wondering why I chose to try the product with Chief first before myself.. well, that's because I took the Sole Diagnosis from the website of Baby Foot
and for the results..
my feet are still on the Marshmallow Class since I get foot spa's once in a while when I have the time and make sure to moisturize my feet..But still despite of this I want to try the product on myself one time to achieve a soft baby feet.
For my friends and readers here in Dubai, Baby Foot can be purchased from the beauty product section of Spinney's for 60 something dirhams. Sorry I forgot the exact price.

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