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Emirates Bio Farm Experience

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Raise your hand if you live in the sunny Middle East…
It’s that time of the year that we all love the most… our so called winter.I can already hear the English peeps saying.. “You call this winter?? This is our summer..” Well… that’s how it is here baby!
We make the most of this season.. you will see all restaurants setting tables out,outdoor activities like Food Festivals, Outdoor Markets etc.. This is before the weather gets scorching hot!!!
Two weekends ago friends invited us to check Emirates Bio Farm in Al Ain. They advertised that they are having an open farm activity open for families and kids..
Upon taking an exit from the Dubai-Al Ain road, you will be driving on a partially asphalted road and ahead you will see a big patch of green surrounded by trees which looked like an Oasis in the middle of the desert.
Admission is 35AED per person which includes a tractor tour and it’s free for children under 6 years of age. If you don’t want to avail the tour, …
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Colourpop Series #3: Give it To Me Straight Palette Swatches & Review

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Hey Ladies! I hope everyone is doing well. I am so giddy and excited! It is my first time to try an eye shadow palette from Colourpop. Yes, I know I’m a bit late on reviewing this, but it’s not stopping me from sharing what I humbly think that may actually help, so here it goes..
My recent big purchase from Colourpop led me to buy these 4 Eye Shadow Palettes … Two are on the list of Best Sellers and the other two are part of the collaboration of Colourpop with one of my favorite Youtube influencer, Kathleen Lights.
The palette retails for $16 US (58.76 UAE Dirham) (839 Philippine Peso) plus tax if you are buying from US and plus Customs Duties outside US.Palettecontains 12 colors which are mostly in warm coppers and rich mauves which actually complements medium skin tone very much, and I believe light and dark skin tones as well. Yesterday I left late morning for a weekend get together with my girlfriends and I used this palette for the first time. I applied …

Colourpop Series #2: Disney Designer Collection - Crème Lux Lipstick Ariel, Belle & Snow White

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I know most of us grew up watching Disney cartoons, who hasn’t? So when Colourpop released collaboration with Disney, it was all over Youtube. It was quite interesting because they released an eye shadow palette, Super Shock shadows, lip glosses and Crème Lux Lipsticks.

 image from Colourpop Website
Going through the whole collection, I picked out 3 items which I know I will be using a lot, and these were 3 shades of the Crème Lux Lipsticks in Belle, Ariel and Snow White.

Funny how the shades that I picked corresponds to my favorite Princesses.

Let’s talk about the packaging; each item is in a beautifully designed box with a sketch of their respective princess which is actually really well done.

The lipstick container itself if made of a brass-like metal finish and it has some weight on it which gives it a very lux feel. It has the different names of each princess printed on the container.

Swatched each lipstick on my arm and this is with flash..


Colourpop Series #1: Wisp & Here Kitty Kitty

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Happy Valentine Lovely Ladies! I hope everyone is feeling extra  loved today.

As promised, here we are with our first installment of our Colourpop Series and I am very excited. We will be talking about these babies..

As I aged in the last years, I have changed my makeup routines which depended on many factors,main one was my skin condition.I love the no makeup – makeup look and if I can avoid using a foundation it makes me the happiest.
One thing though that I always use and never ran out of are highlighters. They are essential for me. From my latest order from Colourpop I decided to try their Highlighters.
Super Shock Highlighter in Wisp

And Pressed Powder Highlight in Here Kitty Kitty

These were as per the recommendations of Kathleenlights, one of my favorite OG Youtuber, and they are best for medium tone skin. Sooo.. why not?
This is how it’s packed when you get them. 

The compact mirror is separated from the powder refill. When you add this item on your car…