Saturday, October 12, 2013

Upcoming Trip to Singapore

We are leaving for Singapore tomorrow night. So, Chief and I went out today to buy things we need for the trip.
According to the 10-Day weather forecast for Singapore, there will be some rain showers and a bit of thunderstorm during our stay. I'm hoping not much since Chief is still recuperating from his Flu and Bronchitis. The least I would want was his illness to have a recurrence.

We will be staying at Ibis Hotel Bencoolen..
*Image Courtesy of Google
I have already made a little bit of research and there are two Irish Pubs near our hotel (which is good for Chief), a few Japanese Restaurants which we both love, we are near Bugis as well where there's a night market.. we are intrigued by night markets.. it's a place where you can find unique things..and a whole lot more.. Is it too obvious that I am too excited??

As part of the trip preparation we did some shopping today..and this is my loot..
Yes, it is not much.. I just bought what is essential for the trip.. I was thinking of doing some shopping in Singapore so I have to keep my luggage light :P

Since the weather forecast predicted rains we need to bring raincoats.. which is something I didn't have so I bought one today from Massimo Dutti
The material is made of Nylon but the lining inside is beautiful. It is a raincoat but very stylish. It comes with a hood too which is concealed inside the collar zipper..
and when opened.. this is the hood..
The color is actually dark blue. I don't understand why it comes as black on the photos I took. I like it very much because it's so stylish and not so expensive too. I got this for 650 AED. Compared to the usual prices of Massimo Dutti's jackets, this is cheap. But you know what, if you check the tag it costs only 99,95 Euros!!!
 But i bought it for this price here..

650AED ($177)!!!
Chief said that he has already proven that Massimo Dutti is cheaper by 20% in Europe.. I wonder why because we were supposed to not pay taxes here the 20% cheaper price he is talking about already includes taxes..

Then I also had to get a new pair of sunglasses and this has been long overdue..
I got them from....
Yes.. with Italian brand.. you'll never go wrong.. besides.. it's Armani..
I'm glad that it comes with a separate pouch.. for clumsy people like myself, this is an essential thing to protect my new glasses from scratches.
Chief helped me pick the design of which fits well for me..and this is what I got..
side view..
and another front view..
They are gorgeous.. The price is 1255AED ($342) but I got it 25% off discount from the store because Chief is a regular customer :) So I paid only 940AED ($256)! 
I love my new glasses!

One more night and SINGAPORE!! I'M READY FOR YOU!! HERE WE COME!!!



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