Saturday, October 12, 2013

[INSPIRATION #3] Keep Calm Quotes I Live By..

Keep Calm...and Carry On...
This is what one of my junior architects reply to me whenever I tell him to calm down when he gets frustrated and impatient with work.. 
Being Calm and Patient are part of the essential keys to become a successful Architect.. 
Let me share my personal favorites of Keep Calm Quotes..
We all know anger can make a person ugly.. so..
This one works for me EVERY TIME!!!! 
and then there's..
the previous quote will not be complete without..
and also..
okay.. the buy shoes one is a personal thing for me... I LOVE SHOES!!! They make me happy!!
and then there's..
this goes with keeping yourself beautiful..(not in general but in my honest opinion of course..)
then there's one of my biggest secrets to keeping myself calm..also helps when I design.. 
and there's one thing that even hypertension doctors agree and advise.. 
Then I found some that works for goes..
and for the inspiring ones.. there's..

also for people like myself who is always in love.. lol!
and most of all this is an advice coming from Chief and myself..
I know!! I'm too biased!! 
Just something to make you smile before this ends..

How about you guys.. what are your favorite Keep Calm quotes??




  1. Here's mine :)

    Keep calm, and when life get tough....kneel

  2. Keep calm and love me