Monday, October 21, 2013

Emirates Airlines A380 Business Class Tour

Hey Everyone! We're back from our very short holiday in Singapore.
Let me share my very first experience for the Business Class of  the Emirates A380. I have had taken Business Class many times before but on a 777. This is also my very first A380 flight experience.
This is my Business Class mini suite..
 again with noise cancellation headset, a more comfy pillow and a thick blanket.. 
I am grateful for the "noise cancellation" It helps me sleep because it minimizes the sound from the plane engines also if another passenger snores. I can't sleep when someone snores in a room I am in.. and in this case.. this plane is a big room which isolates all the sound.
I have to admit, I was disappointed when I first saw the Business Class of A380. I guess my expectations where a bit higher. Chief said it is in between the Business Class and First Class of a 777. Frankly, I prefer the Business Class of 777. I'm sure you want to know why..

First, The seats for the Business Class section for this plane was too much, that in my honest opinion, it loses it's "class" it looked like an upgraded Economy.... let me show you..
and another..look closely on the image.. there are two flight attendants on it.. see how tiny the other lady on the far back?? This will help you imagine how long the Business Class corridor is... so it looked kinda..Economy-ish..
also, as I designer, again, in my honest opinion (Chief's as well) the design of the cabin was horrible.. it was with all this stainless metal tubes.. mostly grayish colors that made it seem cold and old.. and rigid..
*Image Courtesy of Google
not homey like the 777 this..
*Image Courtesy of Google
Compare the two seats..This is the A380 Business Class..
*Image Courtesy of Google
and this is the 777 Business Class..
*Image Courtesy of Google
and look at the leg room for the 777 ones..
*Image Courtesy of Google
Isn't it better??
Compare it to this..
*Image Courtesy of Google
The only thing that is nice about the A380 is that you have your mini desk, and your own Mini Bar.. as what Chief said.. the quality is between the Business and First Class of the 777.

Moving on.. let's look at the different features..
This is the mini bar with your own glass, small Voss still water, Juice, 2 Sodas and Perrier Sparkling water.. Also provided is your Socks and Eye Shade.
and this is the mini desk..
another view..
Yes, you have your little mini tablet controls again.. but I never used it.. I tried removing it from the dock and its battery is low that I can't even use it.. I experienced the same thing on the First Class of the Sri Lanka trip.. is it just a coincidence that both mini tablet controls are low on battery and needs charging or it is a defect that it has charging problems???  This I have to check on my future flights..
Moving on.. this is a compartment adjacent to the window at the back of the mini tablet control.
Yup.. that's my hat.. I didn't want it to get deformed..
While sitting.. you have this view..
let me show you what are those little things under the screen..
a power outlet, and USB Charging ports.. can be used on phones, ipods, ipads, tablets and also the port for the headphones..
Right below this is the compartment where your feet will rest and serves as an extension of you seat when converted to a bed..which is a turn off for me.. compared to the 777..
underneath the cushion is a shoe compartment when you raise it up..yes, those are my Chucks.. 
see the white flap under the screen?? That is the compartment for the magazines, flight guides, etc..
Of course we were served drinks.. and I had my champagne..
Oh.. they have a male and female designation for the toilets.. see for yoruself on the iamge below.. look at the top part showing indication if it's occupied and which side is for which..
So, as preparation for the flight, the stewards gave passengers these little pouches.. the light color for women..
and dark color for men..
Male and female vanity kits.. Wanna know what's inside those little dust bags?
..a Bvlgari Vanity Kit
and this one for males..Also Bvlgari
Neat right??
Of course.. I will show you what's inside each vanity bag.
Let me open mine first..I love that the material of the pouch is silk with the Ecru color.. it's so classy...
I can totally re-use this pouch for my personal vanity kit..
and what's inside is..a tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, pocket mirror, tissues, wet tissue, hand cream, face emulsion and cologne..

and for males..

what's inside is.. a tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, shaving cream, shaver, deodorant, tissue and a box of Bvlgari toiletries..
you must be wondering what's inside the red after shave, body lotion and perfume..
I love how the male pouch has all the little pockets inside it..makes organizing easier..
The Male and Female Bvlgari Vanity Kit.
I remember our flight going to Sri Lanka, we were in Business to and First Class back.. they did not give us these kits since the flight was only for four hours.. 
I guess they only give it to longer flights.. Which means I'm going to get another one from our trip this December. 
That completes our tour for the Business Class of Emirates A380. I will be posting about the Singapore trip soon as well and my bad experience on the business class flight to Singapore. From a bad service from the hostess serving my area. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I had writing it.




  1. It's so sosyal ha? Bvlgari as vanity kits!! love it!

    1. I know right?!
      This little pouch made me so excited, it's like receiving a little birthday present! Lol! It's the kikayness in me, I can't help it!
      Thanks for dropping by again Donna :)