Friday, October 4, 2013

A weekend at Dubai Mall

CIAO Bellas!

It's the weekend again and I finally have the time to write. As how it is normally on my weekends I woke up late and had a big breakfast with Chief. He is back from his business trip. Oh it was terrible, he was very sick with a Flu when he came back. It actually started 4days prior to coming back home so you can imagine my worry being far from him. 
But all is well now, I took him to the doctor yesterday because his coughing has kept us awake at night. Tests were done and medicines were prescribed and Chief is better this morning. 
Now I am enjoying this bag of caramel popcorn beside me as I write this blog. 
A nice way to start my weekend.
Anyway, I was supposed to write about my visit to Dubai Mall last weekend. I wanted to see Muji to get some organizing stuff. Of course I did not end up just at Muji but anywhere my feet would take me. 
This is the result of that wallet damaging day...
Since I parked near the Cinema, it was a long walk going to MUJI, which was my first stop. 
I passed through "paradise" which was a quicker route to Lower Ground Level
I reached Muji after going through the Souk area, the Level Shoe District then to Lower Ground Floor Level. I must say that the location of the store is not so good having it on that area. But since it just opened last February all the good locations of the mall are all taken. But I guess since it is a famous brand, this is not an issue. Though they wont be introduced to new customers who does not know about them because of their location.
They sold things from organizers, to clothing, to whatever! This is my Muji shopping bag..
Im sure you want to know what I got. First was a pen case, because as an Architect if you dug inside my huge bag I have plenty of pens and pencils. I have to put them in a nice container. 
I also got myself an accessory organizer. How to use it will be a feature at the end of this blog. The Organzier is 85 AED and the pencil case is 15 AED.
Then, I also got myself a nice grey cardigan.
 It's so nice I wanted to get more because it is what works well with my normal  casual look but they didn't have much of my size, the smallest was Medium!!! BUMMER!!! And since this particular one's size turned out acceptable and I really liked it, I still bought it even if it was a bit bigger. I will do an outfit of the day with this. This grey cardigan costs 220 AED.
Next stop, I went to H&M to check out their new collection..
I did not like anything and since it is already winter collection on stores, I don't want to panic before the trip come December. I have decided that I will start buying little things here and there when I can. So I got myself some nice leggings and tights that will work well with my winter coats and jackets. All neutral. 
This is my small loot from H&M. I'm sorry I forgot the price but from what I recall its about 48 AED each. 
I had lunch at Shake Shack Burger after to recharge. I must say, it never fails to satisfy my taste buds. It is the best burger for me. It is just perfect. 
I'm sorry but in my honest opinion, it is better than Elevation Burger. Burger patty thickness, the buns, the lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and shake shack sauce just works well all together. The fries is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is perfect. I did not order any dessert, I have to control. This lunch of Single Shake Shack burger, Fries and Strawberry Lemonade as I recall is 48 AED. I will make a separate post on this after another visit so I can take more photos. 
After recharging, I went to ZARA and this is my bag from that visit..
I found this beautiful denim overalls and tried them on. It fitted perfectly so without thinking I immediately went to the counter to pay. 
This will look good with a pair of heels, and accessories. BAM! Damage on my wallet was 298 AED. 
The thing is, I rarely find things that I really want. As you recall when I visited H&M moments ago I did not get anything apart from the leggings and tights. 
When I see something I want, nothing can stop me from getting it. 
After ZARA I went to Forever 21 to buy some plain V neck T-shirts. They are very comfortable. It is wort the trip to the store and also to check the their accessories. I love their accessories.
This my Forever 21 bag.
What's inside are these..

and these..
They have good collection on their accessories when I came so it was a big loot for me. I think all these made a damage of about 400 AED. 
Of course I used my new accessory organizer on these lovelies. 
 and this is how you open it..
I need to get one more. It was not enough to house all my earrings. 
Now this is one of the reasons why Chief should not keep his business trips long and includes the weekend.. I get in trouble and do a lot of shopping because of gloominess. LOL!
After all the shopping I got I went to my favorite spot at Dubai Mall to relax..

This is where you have Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Burberry, Jimmy Choo..etc..
I went inside Louboutin and tried on few pairs.. it was so beautiful I wanted to cry..
Cry because the shoes looked so beautiful on my feet.. and the truth is I can buy one if I want to..but I,  for sure will feel guilty 100%! 
I texted Chief who was still in Italy. I told him I tried a few pairs of shoes from Louboutin. He said, "Baby, get it! You deserve it! how much is it?" I told him no, and I will feel guilty if I did. Oh and I told him the prices of the ones I liked since he asked.. 3K++ 5k++ and the cheapest was 2K++ and he said.. "Just for shoes??!!! But get it if you want it baby.." Of course I didn't. I just said to myself.. one day, I will have one.. but not yet.. not now.. 
After this, I sat for a moment at the aisle having this view..
It is a nice feeling to be surrounded by these beautiful things.. After a brief rest I started walking and headed to my car. It was at the other side of the mall. 

That covers my day last weekend at Dubai Mall. I had a blast all by myself. 

What about you girls, how's your weekend so far? Have you gone to Dubai Mall recently? 



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