Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Architecture Works: Proposed Plantation Capital Office - Dubai

This is one of the offices I designed before the end of 2011. I did the this project from layout to design to visuals with few pointers from one of my seniors.

Here's the layout:

The Entrance with the view of the reception area as you enter the office. The Company logo can be seen through the glass door entrance.

The Reception. A bench seat for the guests on one side and the reception counter on the other.

Corridor / Gallery. Those little screens on the wall are iPads that will showcase what the company does. At the end of this hall is a tree branch sitting on white pebbles. 

The back office for staff. Simple office design based on client's requirements.

I did have a view of the meeting room and I will update this post later to complete the views.

The client loved the design. Made me happy. But then the project did not push through at the moment because there was a revision of the company budget that time. They will get back to us when they have the "go" signal to build the project.

Can't wait to hear about your thoughts.


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