Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Architecture Works: Modern 5-Bedroom Villa - Dubai, U.A.E.

This is our latest project that I recently worked on with LSD. A 5-Bedroom Villa located at Emirates Hills, Dubai. I worked on the visuals for this project using Sketchup 8 and Vray. I had a little design input but the layout and overall was my senior's. Modeling + Design + Rendering done in 1.5 Days. Can be improved with more time.

As an update, the client loved it and hopefully they sign the contract. If that happens, we will work on the improvements and more detailed design. Me looking forward to that ( clapping my hands with quietly due to excitement :P).

May I present you the visuals we showed our clients:

This is the daytime view showing the ground floor interior. It is the initial render and since we really want to do a good presentation we did a night view with all the effects of lighting. There are some differences between the two images since we have improved and added things on the night view. Due to the lack of time ( we finished 6:oo am the following day and the presentation was at 9:ooam the same day.. WHEW!!!) we were not able to re-render the day time with the more enhanced details. I will try to do that later and see if I can update this post just to add a re-rendered day time view. 

Here's the night view:

I would love to hear your thoughts.




  1. hi Camri,

    nice work. can you contact me at arif@speedco.ae

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