Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Architecture Old Archives Update #1

I joined a new design house back August 2010. It's called Light Space Design.. It is a boutique design studio led by two amazing (in my opinion) designers. I have learned so much from these two guys and still continue learning. I am their Senior Designer and Office Manager, A tough position combing the two. In the last (almost) 3 years that I've been with this company they have given opportunities to design projects with their guidance,  I will be featuring each of my favorites as we go along.

Let's start with Mahajan Villa. A 3-Bedroom Villa in an exclusive community in Dubai owned by an Indian family. This was the very first project that the guys just let me do whatever I want and wear my hair down. I was nervous. It turned out well and the client loved the design.. WHEW! Though now looking at these images, I know a lot of improvements can be done. I did this project in a short span of time.. designing and visuals all together. I was given a layout done by one of my seniors, brief of the style and some pointers. I have improved immensely from this very first project. 

Here's how the Mahajan Villa turned out:

More posts on Old Archive Works coming. I'd love to hear your thoughts.



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