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Product Review : Too Faced Joy To The Girls Palette & an Unpleasant Experience at Sephora MCC

*UPDATE 29/03/2014

I've been using this palette for a week and with a good primer and makeup base, this baby works well. Some colors maybe disappointing but its okay. I recommend this palette if you have extra moolah to spend when you want something new. Cheers!


I have to share my unpleasant experience at Sephora Mirdif City Center. For frequent visitors of Sephora, you know how their staff are very welcoming and helpful the instant you enter their store. This is normal in any Sephora based on my visits in several stores here in Dubai-UAE, New York, New Jersery, and Philadelphia in the US. 
On this particular shop at Mirdif City Center (my second visit a this shop)  as I entered he store, no one approached to assist me even when I started checking out the products. At that point I thought.. wait a minute this is not I really at Sephora??  
I waited and continued checking the products .. and waited more..but nothing!
I started questioning.. what was wrong?? Did I look like a peasant with my very comfy clothes, flats and no makeup look?? I just came from the salon where I had a mani-pedi service and I like to be comfy when I go there..  
I let it pass. Im not a primadonna. So, I turned and look for a sales person who would look my way to ask for assistance. I was lucky to come across a lady.

She was nice and helpful, things just went wrong when I paid for my purchase. What happened was, the sales lady that assisted me on my products advised me to ask for a gift when i pay at the cashier, and I actually did, i smiled on the lady at the cashier handed over my purchases and my Sephora white card. When I was paying for my purchases, I asked her if they had any gifts or freebies for customers at the moment. Which is what they normally do at Sephora or any other beauty shops. The lady did not answer me and it was like I did not say anything at all. I felt embarrassed!
That feeling was short lived because after a long pause of ignoring what I said, she started talking and said she will check if there is a gift that she could give me (this is while giving me my change.....) but then she started entertaining the customer after me and punching on the cash register her purchases (hmm..weird)
I waited on the side of the counter feeling a bit elated that i will be receiving a gift.. Since she was taking time with the next customer ..  I decided to checkout the brushes displayed adjacent to the cashier. After a few minutes and she has not said anything, I just turned and left. I didnt want to beg for the freebie.
I just wished that If she didnt have any intention to give me anything she should've just said she didn't have anything. In short, I just left the store. Am I overreacting??  What would you guys do if the same thing happened to you? 

One thing is for sure though, I am not going back to that Sephora ever!! Though its the nearest to my house, I didnt like the service. For me service plays a big factor when i make my purchses. Sorry for this rant, I just want to share my unpleasant experience from this store. 

Im a sucker for freebies!!but who's not?? doesnt it make you feel excited whenever you get freebies?? I even open my freebie first before the things I paid for!! other people might think its shallow but freebies makes me happy... What do I do?

Anyway, let's me give you my thoughts on this Too Faced Palette that I got..

I bought this as a recommendation from a beauty blog. It made me remind myself all over again not to trust everything I read and recommended by other bloggers. Not because a blog is famous or has a lot of followers  it meant that they recommend good stuff. Some posts are sponsored so they have to say nice things about certain products. 

My thoughts on this eye makeup palette is uncertain. 
I don't know if I like it a little bit or feel like it is a waste money. 

It is my first time to buy from the brand Too Faced. I have to admit that I am not impressed. No wonder why the lady at Sephora kept on insisting I try the Sephora brand of eye makeups and just make my own palette for the colors I like. She asked me of it was really what I wanted when I grabbed the big palette of Too Faced from the display. 

She was already giving me the message not to buy it and try something else but I didn't take the hint.. (so stupid of me!)
I was just too excited to get the makeup.
The packaging and presentation will just make you excited.. Like a little girl in a candy shop. It was like buying stationaries that you collect when you were young all over again.

About the palette.. It did not impress me. Most of the colors are just not pigmented. They will not show up unless you take a good rub in of your brush on the product before you apply. I never had this experience with the makeups I've used. 

Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette gives a very good color pay off. It is very easy to blend so it is so easy to apply. Despite of being in a powder state, it is very creamy and smooth to apply. 

I have the swatches of all the colors below. 

without flash..
with flash..

I divided my arm horizontally into three parts having the top part with primer and NYX Jumbo Penicl in White as base, middle part with just primer and the last third is without anything but bare skin. It will show you the quality and color pay-off of the shadows. The light colors wont even show up on bare skin. The frosted ones just slides off from the skin and cannot even be worn without any primer. The consistency of the frosted colors are disappointing. They slide off from your skin. This gave me the impression that the makeup is similar to cheap eye shadows. The packaging is beautiful but the product itself is cheap. I hated that! I paid almost 300aed for this palette! 

I have to give a plus for the makeup guide that the packaging has..

Which I will have to try to see if it will change my views on this product. The only good thing was, the dark colors are pigmented well. Everythung else was so so.. For me, not something I would pay 300aed for! 

The palette comes with a free mascara..

 Which was not very special. Very ordinary. I prefer my Revlon photo finish which was not so expensive. 

I tried using the product and this is the look I have done.  This was taken at 1am so with a good primer, the colors stay well. you just have to be patient when applying because you need a build up of the product on your brush to get a good color pay off.

with flash..
without flash..

The positive thing though is that the colors with good pigmentation (the dark colors) stayed well-- 

I will give this palette a chance and sill try to use it again. Compared to my Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay, this is disappointing. 

This is my unbiased review for Too Faced Joy To the Girls Palette. I hope not all their products is as disappointing as this one. I still have to give them another chance. Im hoping for a better quality for my next purchase from them or I will have to stay away from this brand.



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