Thursday, September 12, 2013

Architecture Works: Modern Furniture Showroom

This is another one of my recent designs.

It's a showroom of a Furniture Company here in Dubai of which name I will not disclose due to privacy. They are actually one of our suppliers for several years now. Their very first showroom was designed by my senior and now that they have moved to a new location, they have asked him again to design it. This is despite of having to work with other designers here in Dubai. They believe so much in our company's design and have not asked others to do it for them. My senior gave me the opportunity to design it myself. So this project is all me. 

I went to the site with one of my junior architects to take photos of the current situation and to discuss with the client their requirements. Since they cater to many products, I have to find a solution on having them all in display without creating a clutter.

I must admit that I wasn't so excited when I started this project. My schedule was hectic and imagine designing in the middle of it and a lot of stress. It was difficult. 

After a few days of research and a whole lot of thinking, I'm glad to have come up with a good design.

This is the Before photos:

 and this is how they displayed their products before at the old showroom..

and this is my proposal...

Let me explain my concept..
Since the products they have different finishes and colors, I proposed everything to be white. This way, it contrast to the many colors of the furniture, fabrics, finishes, curtains, blinds and hardware. 

There's an area where clients can sit with sales agents to look at different samples. Also grouped in different product categories. The dark vertical panels at the back are sample panels of different finishes, the chair display shelf, the square units for hanging different fabrics and all these walls have concealed cupboards and pull outs where they can store more samples. 

I am happy with my design. Now, having to work for the two of the most talented designers in Dubai is tough, they are perfectionists! Things may look perfect in your eyes but believe me.. they always see something that needs to be changed to improve or make things better.

When I showed them this proposal and they had no comments, liked it and thought it was cool.. I felt proud and was really elated. This is one of the proposals I've done well as per their opinion. YAY!

I hope you like it too. Please feel free to post comments.

Until my next post.




  1. i liked it.. m doing diploma in interior design as well... and designing a showroom is my i thought of designing it on furniture.. and was searching... and i was just searching of different showroom of furniture... and i saw yours...your concept is good..(y)

    1. Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you liked it.