Thursday, April 11, 2013

Design Inspirations

As a designer, it is not always easy to come up with ideas when working on new projects. Apart from the brief you have from what the client wants, it is still up to us the designers on how we can provide our clients with beautiful designs that suit their needs.

I have a few architectural sites that I love to browse to get inspired and get some ideas. Not that you are copying or whatsoever, now that is a bad thing. You can get ideas and evolve them to suit your need since every project is different. In a way, these websites inspire me a lot.

Here's my website list of inspirations for Modern & Contemporary Architecture:

          Archdaily is more like "THE" website for us architects. It features works of designers from today as well as the old, articles about architecture whether old or new, they also feature architects, news on architecture and design technologies and a whole lot more. They cater to Architecture as a whole.

          Website that features contemporary and modern Architecture and Interior Architecture. I love browsing this site for the photos, and new furniture designs, lighting etc. One thing though, not because the project was featured here it means I like them all, definitely not. Some are not good and Chief and I even wonder sometimes why some projects were featured here.

          This is one app in my iPad that I always visit.(Chief too!) Its the same as the Contemporist though they don't feature furniture's, all architecture and interiors-- that from the iPad but on the website they also have news features about Architecture, Architects and anything related to Architecture.

4. Dornob
          This is one website about design ideas, from structures to interiors to Art & Design.. anything under the sun. They have a lot of cool stuffs in here.

I hope these helps other designers too!



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