Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Day Out

Chief and I decided to go to the mall last friday to do some grocery. I was excited to go since I have been inside the house in the last 3 weeks. I was really excited and I even dressed well ---for grocery--- because I wanted to feel good and beautiful, this is apart from not being able to dress up for some time since I was always home.

We decided to walk a little bit before shopping since its been some time since we really went there for leisure and just to look around . We walked very slow because I get tired easily.
Went to American Eagle Outfitters. They were on sale so I bought under wears. I loved their under wears since I discovered it early this year. very comfortable, sexy and fits me well. Of course because of the sale--It was about 70% OFF!! I hoarded.
After that, we started walking again and that's when I started to feel really weak, white spots on my vision and out of breath. I did not tell Chief because I didn't want to scare him and I was also worried that he wont let me go see my friends tomorrow for this incident so I kept it to myself, We went to Virgin Mega Store, his fave. But then after a 5 minutes I really started to feel weak and I know that if I didn't sit then, I'm going to collapse. I asked Chief if he can leave me outside on a bench while he goes around the store because I was feeling tired.
He got a little bit scared and wanted to leave me in the car and do the grocery himself to get it over and done with so we can go home and I can lay down on the bed and rest. Yes, without exaggeration, I was that weak. I told him we'll sit in one of the benches for 5mins. just so I could rest for a moment and see if I feel better and we decided then what we'll do. I didn't want him to do the grocery all by himself because not everything was on the list I made. Also, the last thing I want then was for him to carry me to the car and scare people and make them call an ambulance and another trip to the hospital.

I felt hungry then, while sitting and observing people, I realized, maybe I was just hungry and food will give me more energy. I asked chief if we can eat lunch and I will have a healthy salad (since he is avoiding for us to eat out due to my strict diet). We sat at MBCo. and I ordered baked vegetable omelet and a big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. HE has the roast beef and sparkling water.
I was still feeling weak after lunch so in my mind I knew then that I should agree on staying in the car before it gets worse. I took out my shawl and wrapped it around me and started walking slowly. After 5mins of slow walk, I felt better. It was like a sudden rush of energy. I realized, by body was feeling cold and was working extra to keep me warm ---ah.. so that's why all my energy is being used up! So i kept the shawl on and I told Chief that I was really okay and I can join him to shop. Of course he asked if I was sure, and I didn't want to force it since I know I can easily faint. In short, we finished the whole grocery shopping and I felt ok.

At least I can be more prepared and ready for tomorrow's get together with my friends. I will make sure to keep myself warm to keep my energy. It was a bit scary today.. actually has been since the last two days.. because of my unusual weakness. Could e connected to my monthly visitor plus my bad anemia. My body really needs the Iron IV Shots. Need to save up for that. Til my next blog then, hopefully better than this one.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Architecture Works: Villa at the Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

A Villa situated at the very famous Palm Jumeirah - Dubai, U.A.E. I did the design interiors of this villa back 2011. This is one of the projects I am very proud of. There were many limitations for this project. No wall can be altered and I had to work on the current situation o the house, some fixtures were already bought and had to be used, some furnitures to be used etc.etc.. Client is a British Family. This is one of those projects I did for LSD with pointers and guidance from my two seniors. 

Let's walk around the house per level. We'll start with the GF:

This is the Entrance Hall. The wall behind the painting was originally not there. It was proposed to separate the Dining Room from this big hall. It is a backlit alabaster and the opening on the top is a glass wall from the Gym with the view of this hall. Im sure you can recognize the designer pieces I used from Minotti and B&B Italia.

Another view of the entrance hall and from the door on the left it opens you to...

The Family Room and from the right side of the hall view adjacent to this family room is..

The Play room. This is where the children stays most of the day with their nannies. All indoor activities that can be done are considered from playing, crafting, watching TV and afternoon naps. A lot of storage is provided for toys, crafts, books, etc. A black board where they can freely draw and poofs and table for arts and crafts.

This is the baby changing room which is also located on the GF adjacent to the playroom. 

The Powder room for guests.

The Formal Dining Room which has the beach front of the villa as the view

Now let's go to First floor level:

This is the Mrs. study area. It is within the hall of the first floor. I proposed a glass table for this office/study but the we had to reuse the existing desk. I proposed a bench seat at the back for to give it a more cozy feel.

The Master Bedroom. The furniture in this room were already bought before we were hired to design their house. I had to incorporate and use every single designer piece they have. I arranged the room, divided the sleeping and seating with a bench with TV and ethanol fireplace.

Another view of the master bedroom

and those double doors lead you to the walk-in wardrobe and ...
The master bathroom showing the tub side..

another view showing the lavatory side..

Also located on this floor apart from the other rooms is..

The reading room. The selves you see on the right side is where they can display things, artifacts, memoirs from the trips of the family.  The stairs you see in this room leads you up to

The Cinema.

From the first floor there is another set of stairway that leads you up to..
The Mister study / office where he has a 360 degree view and the access to  the terrace.

Overall, the family loved the design of this house. Nothing of my first set of proposed design was changed. 

I really love this project. Can't wait to hear about your thoughts.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Architecture Works: Proposed Plantation Capital Office - Dubai

This is one of the offices I designed before the end of 2011. I did the this project from layout to design to visuals with few pointers from one of my seniors.

Here's the layout:

The Entrance with the view of the reception area as you enter the office. The Company logo can be seen through the glass door entrance.

The Reception. A bench seat for the guests on one side and the reception counter on the other.

Corridor / Gallery. Those little screens on the wall are iPads that will showcase what the company does. At the end of this hall is a tree branch sitting on white pebbles. 

The back office for staff. Simple office design based on client's requirements.

I did have a view of the meeting room and I will update this post later to complete the views.

The client loved the design. Made me happy. But then the project did not push through at the moment because there was a revision of the company budget that time. They will get back to us when they have the "go" signal to build the project.

Can't wait to hear about your thoughts.


Ako na! Ako na ang Excited!! A Tagalog post..

Okay, medyo wala ako sa mood mag-English. Mas ma-eexpres ko ang aking damdamin kung magtatagalog ako kaya eto na mga sister..gow!

Eto na nga.. excited ang lola.. bakit kamo??
Eh kasi magkikita kami ng mga sisters (not biological) sa saturday..dyan oh.. sa mall malapit sa bahay. Sa mga hindi nakaka-alam ang weekend namin dito and all other MIddle East country eh Friday-Satuday kasi Muslim Country. Yung iba may pasok na pag satuday and isa kami sa mga mapapalad na may two days off.

Maikling intro kwento:

Si Jasmine at si Che ang imimeet ko sa saturday. Sila ay dalawa sa apat na considered na kapatid ko nang maputna ako dito sa Dubai. We shared a studio flat (217), lima kaming nag-gagandahang dilag that time. Ako, Si Au (ang aming madam at sa kanya nakapangalan ang flat kaya sa kanya kami nagbabayad sya ngayon ay nasa napakalamig at sosyal na.... Finland!!!!! charot! kung maka introduce parang beauty pageant lang!), Si Kirs (na nasa Pinas na with her adorable daughter and kumareer sa pagiging mudra sa amin--pero teka magwowork na yan si Kirs soon..excited ako for her..ayan excited na naman, palagi na lang akong excited), Si Jasmine na ate ng lahat na ngayon eh masaya na rin sa piling ni Nick and kanyang better half na palagi kong kasama sa mga lakaran..(ayyyyyyyy! excited na naman ako kasi manunuod kami ng Eraserheads concert next week!!! eh favorite banda ko kaya yon no!!!! kaloka!! Ely!!!! Sayang at may mahal na ako ngayon..kung hindi kakaririn kita sa meet and greet!! CHAROT! papatayin ako ni Chief kung sino si chief..malalaman nyo sa mga susunod na kabanata ng blog na ito..ang arte!!)at ang aking kakambal na kapatid na si Che naman ay maligaya din sa piling ni pareng Gani at ng kanilang munting supling na aking inaanak  na nagmana sa kagandahan ko.. si baby Isa. Nakuuuu.. baka kumontra si kapatid..pero teka sabi mo magkamukha tayo so wag ka magreklamo dyan! Kaming lima ang magkasama sa mga unang bwan ko dito sa Dubai. We've gotten close na sisters talaga. May loka-lokahan--kami ni Che yan, Online moments (online tawag namin sa pagpaplantsa), Panunuod ng The OC Series sa laptop ko (wala kasi kaming TV), maglalaro ng piko sa pamamagitan ng tiling  ng flat kasi bored at ang pato ay ang sachet ketchup ng Heinz na free sa KFC or Popeyes Chicken sachet ketchup--kami na naman ng loka loka kong kakambal yan na si Che, ang mga "luwas" namin ni ate jas (luwas to karimlan called Dubai kasi sa Sharjah kami nakatira, industrial area -- bundok kung tawagin  ni ate Jas), ang mga cooking moments with Kirs, tampuhan moments na di mawawala --naku kami na naman ni kirs to.. noon kasi di kami magkaintindihan pero ngayon super close na! kaya nga nanghihinayang ako na naging close pa kami kung kelan magkalayo na kami at nasa pinas na sha, etc.etc.. basta masaya sa bahay ni Madam ang Flat 217 and we are the 217 girls!

Pasensha naman sa haba ng intro, para naman gets nyo pag I talk about them di ba? Sino si ganito, Sino si ganyan..eklabu eklabu..dadami pa ang characters ng blog na ito later..

 So, ayan na nga at magkikita kami ni ate Jas at ni Che sa saturday.. yehey!!!! with matching sayaw sayaw pa yang yehey na yan! Magkakasama daw kami sa lunch at shempre dakdakan na agad! Tapos pupunta kami sa Home Center kasi may discount si ate Jas dun kasi owned by their company yun kaya ayan napapasayaw ako sa excitement.
Nagsabi na ako kay Chief kagabi, maiwan na daw sha sa bahay para may magbantay sa aming weekly maid habang naglilinis at plantsa at magtatrabaho na lang daw sha habang wala ako.. ang sweet di ba? ay nako napakaswerte ko talaga.. ika nga ni kapatid (Che) aba..aba..aba.. plus pogi points si Chief! Sabi ko.. oo nga eh, dami na nyang pogi points nababaon tuloy ako dahil kulang ako sa ganda points.. kaya naisip ko.. kelangan na ipaghanda ko ng masarap na tanghalian si Chief bago ako umalis para naman feel nya ang love ko di ba... kawawa naman ang mahal ko kung magpi-peanut butter sandwhich na naman sha samantalang ako eh kakain sa labas. As if naman masarap kakainin ko eh special diet ang peg ko ngayon dahil nga kaka-ospital ko lang at may mga therapy pa ako, treatments and checkups. So salad na walang kamatayan lang ang kakainin ko....huhuhuhu....anyway, kailangan mag esep esep na ako ng tanghalian na peyborite ni Chief.

I'll bring my camera sa saturday to take pics and to post a blog about that day. Since eto na nga na I'm back to blogging eh lagi na ako magdadala ng camera ngayon..ganun daw pag blogger so.. carry na!! Ayoko dalhin ang DSLR camera, maganda  naman ang kuha ng point and shoot ko may panorama pa kaya gow!

Til my next post!



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Architecture Works: Modern 5-Bedroom Villa - Dubai, U.A.E.

This is our latest project that I recently worked on with LSD. A 5-Bedroom Villa located at Emirates Hills, Dubai. I worked on the visuals for this project using Sketchup 8 and Vray. I had a little design input but the layout and overall was my senior's. Modeling + Design + Rendering done in 1.5 Days. Can be improved with more time.

As an update, the client loved it and hopefully they sign the contract. If that happens, we will work on the improvements and more detailed design. Me looking forward to that ( clapping my hands with quietly due to excitement :P).

May I present you the visuals we showed our clients:

This is the daytime view showing the ground floor interior. It is the initial render and since we really want to do a good presentation we did a night view with all the effects of lighting. There are some differences between the two images since we have improved and added things on the night view. Due to the lack of time ( we finished 6:oo am the following day and the presentation was at 9:ooam the same day.. WHEW!!!) we were not able to re-render the day time with the more enhanced details. I will try to do that later and see if I can update this post just to add a re-rendered day time view. 

Here's the night view:

I would love to hear your thoughts.



Architecture Old Archives Update #1

I joined a new design house back August 2010. It's called Light Space Design.. It is a boutique design studio led by two amazing (in my opinion) designers. I have learned so much from these two guys and still continue learning. I am their Senior Designer and Office Manager, A tough position combing the two. In the last (almost) 3 years that I've been with this company they have given opportunities to design projects with their guidance,  I will be featuring each of my favorites as we go along.

Let's start with Mahajan Villa. A 3-Bedroom Villa in an exclusive community in Dubai owned by an Indian family. This was the very first project that the guys just let me do whatever I want and wear my hair down. I was nervous. It turned out well and the client loved the design.. WHEW! Though now looking at these images, I know a lot of improvements can be done. I did this project in a short span of time.. designing and visuals all together. I was given a layout done by one of my seniors, brief of the style and some pointers. I have improved immensely from this very first project. 

Here's how the Mahajan Villa turned out:

More posts on Old Archive Works coming. I'd love to hear your thoughts.



Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome to ARchicTECT


So much has happened in my life and I can't wait to share about it.  Let's start with each of my interests that we will be talking about starting today.....shall we???

First, I traveled in the last two years. Last December 'til January I was in Italy, It was my very first Europe Trip. I've been everywhere in the US from East Coast, and to West Coast. Been to Canada too ..Toronto and Quebec, some Asian Countries like South Korea, a connecting flight stop over at Hong Kong and Singapore, but this is the first time I've been to Europe. I will post a separate blog about this since there's so much to talka bout.  Oh, and I went to Thailand also two years ago..I'll post something about that too. It was a fun trip.

Second, I've transferred to a new company, still in Dubai, but smaller. A Design Boutique. I love working for this company. Learned so much from my two talented seniors. My Architecture has developed and improved so much that I am so proud of my works and the collaborations we have done. I will be posting a lot about our works and get some views and comments from readers.  I also have an upcoming promotion being offered to me by my seniors. It is still under negotiations so better if I shut my mouth about it for now ;)

Third- Fashion. I've changed my wardrobe, I love it!! I can't wait to share about it. From shoes, to clothing,to accessories, bags, fragrances and makeup..there will be a lot of that fromhere.

Let's keep this short.... I hope you guys are excited as I am!!!