Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Product Review: Petra Uplifitng Salt Scrub and Dead Sea Mud Soap

Chief went home one day with this..
and this is what's inside..
He was a bit skeptical and was apologizing when he was giving me the bag from Petra.He was explaining that he is not trying to intervene with my beauty rituals but just thought I might want to try these new things.  He looked so worried and cute at the same time lol!

Who would be angry when you receive little surprises right? But I understand where the worry comes from though. I have very sensitive skin and I cannot use anything randomly. This is why I only buy familiar products which I know works well for me. I am quite scared to try new products because of this.

Going back to Chief, I started laughing and I gave him a hug for the little surprise. I also know what made him buy the stuff. You see, Petra products are sold on those kiosks in the middle of the mall and the sales reps would really insist you try their products. I can imagine him being convinced by these ladies to buy the product and he was not able to say no. I started teasing him about it. 

He was explaining that he just thought since the product was all natural from the dead sea, it could be nice and I might not be allergic. It was funny when he told me how he picked the cucumber scent for the scrub and not the coconut because he knew I don't like the scent of coconut on me. The lady asked if he wanted the cucumber or the coconut for the scrub he immediately answered cucumber.. he said that in his mind he was saying.. "No Coconut for my baby! She doesn't like it!" He is just adorable!

I tried the mud soap on my face. 

It was really gentle and smooth. If only I didn't have the problem of pimples because of the water here (yes, i am that sensitive.. the water here gives me pimples and I have proven this) I would continue using this soap. I had to go back to my regular facial soap because though this product gives smooth, soft and supple skin, it does not stop my pimples. I had to go back to my Beauche Beauty Soap which is my HG Face Soap. I wrote about this from a previous blog entry that you can read here
I recommend this soap for those who don't have pimple problems. It will help give a smooth, soft and supple skin. I love the soap, I only wish I did not have the pimple problem (caused by water here). I am reserving to take the soap for my out of the country trips where the water is more gentle on my face. 

The next product inside the bag is the Uplifiting Salt Scrub in Cucumber..

This body scrub is magical! I just love how it smells and how it makes my skin so smooth and soft after use. It is recommended that you only use this scrub twice a week. 

The sea salt scrub has this yummy cucumber scent (also available in coconut) and you should rub it gently on your skin. After washing, you can feel a soft and moisturized skin. Towel dry and I don't think you even have to put lotion after. Try to feel your skin after use and see the difference. 

Chief was happy that the product worked well for me. He said to tell him when I am running out so he can buy them again. My sweet man!

Again, let me just mention that this is not a paid nor sponsored review. I am sharing my first hand experience on trying the products I write about. I aim to help people and not to advertise. 

Petra Products are available on malls here in UAE. I saw a kiosk in Mirdif City Center near Carrefour Supermarket and another in Festival City on the aisle towards Marks & Spencer.

Has any of you tried Petra products? I am curious on how the other product works. So far I am loving their Cucumber Uplifting Salt Scrub. Please share your experience too!  




  1. I too have tried their Uplifting Salt scrub in cucumber, and am in love. It leaves ur skin so clean, brightened and soft. You're right, we don't even need to use a lotion. However, I bought the cucumber cream along with the scrub, and believe me when I say that it's AMAZING!!!!
    I usually look the other way when sales reps shove their products down my throat, but with this, I was sold once I tried the product.

    1. Hey Sumayya, thanks for the recommendation :) will definitely try the cucumber cream soon, thanks dear!

  2. I tried the soap ,scrube and lotion its really amazing..i bought it from Petra product from emarits mall in front of pharmacy..try it you will not be sorry..mariam