Saturday, April 26, 2014

Product Review: Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Plus Sephora Highlighter & Blush

Remember my unpleasant experience at Mirdif City Center branch of Sephora? I wrote an entry about it which you can read here. Because of that i went to the Dubai Mall branch to do my regular Sephora visit. By the way, I went back to the MCC branch again to give them the benefit of the doubt and there was this lady, I asked her if they had Stila products and she answered: "what Stila? i don't know that" in a very rude and shooing way.. was really rude.. By then I had enough of giving the benefit of the doubt on that store and I just stepped out. Rude people work on that store and I am never going back in there EVER! I was even thinking then when I was walking away from the store that I should have answered her and said "What?? You work for Sephora and you don't know Stila??" I dont know what kind of sales people they hire on that branch. Oh well..they just lost one buying customer.
Anyway, my visit to Sephora Dubai Mall paved way to these beautiful things.. (oh, i love the service by the way!! exactly the opposite of the other branch!) 
I got these babies..
I was supposed to only buy the Too Faced Shadows but then because the sales woman was so nice she made me buy the other two Sephora products. See what happens when sales advisers are nicer and friendly to customers??? More sales!!

I love this palette..
The reason I was asking the other lady for Stila makeup was because I wanted their matte shadows. And since Stila is not available here, I decided to get the Two Faced Matte Eye and I am happy I did.. I just love the colors and pigmentation..
a closer look..
and inside the box comes a free Shadow insurance sample..

which unfortunately seemed to strong for me... I had teary eyes when I used this and my shadow colors started running because of the tears.. I didnt like that I'm  too sensitive for this product :( 
Here are the swatches..
beautiful right?!
As always it comes with makeup guides..
very convenient!
I also got some Sephora makeup and this is my first time to try them. I got the Rose Pink shade..

and the orange pop pop orange blush..

Both colors are so beautiful. You have to be careful in using these products and gradually build it up because they are very pigmented. You dont want to look like a clown :)
This blush is my everyday blush at the moment since it is the perfect color for the summer. It goes well with my Rimmel Kate lipstick #32 that I wrote a review that you can read here.
It gives that pop of color on your cheeks. 
I can't wait for my next trip to Sephora to get new products. I hope this review was helpful. Write me a comment below if you have questions about these products and I will try to answer them the best I can. Til my next review..



  1. I understand your frustration with Merdif CC Sephora's employees, I just don't understand what does mentioning that the sales person was "for sure an arab country (could be jordanian, egyptian,etc..)" added to the story.

    You're in an Arab country and probably your readers will be, if not from there, at least an Arab. Myself, a Jordanian makeup lover, thought that was a little racist, and if I didn't know better, I wouldn't read more of your actually good reviews.

    Keep up the good job, it looks promising.

  2. Hi Dear, first of all thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. I just want to explain myself about what I meant with "for sure from Arab country". I meant no harm or anything negative. I said the same as a guess of the person's nationality since we are all a mix of nationalities here. It was a mistake on my part to even describe the Sales attendant. I apologize if anybody thought it was offensive.

    Again, I meant no harm with that comment and I will be editing this blog entry for this. Thank you and your comment is noted. I really appreciate the criticism, it will help me write better.
    Thanks again fro dropping by :)