Friday, April 4, 2014

Product Review: Gosh Cosmetics

A trip to the pharmacy paved way to my discovery of Gosh Cosmetics from Denmark. I was supposed to get medicine when i was intrigued by the beauty section of  Boots Miridf City Center. Of course my curiosity led to buying and here are the things I got..

The CC Cream Illuminating foundation..

What I like about this CC cream is it's lightness on the skin. It gives a dewy moisturized finish with SPF 10.  Here are the swatches..
My bare hands without anything..
and here's with the applied CC Foundation..
see the glowing dewy finish?
It blends well on the skin.. Coverage of course is not heavy compared to regular foundation. It aims to make your skin look fresh and glowing. 

I also tried their bronzer..

what I like about this bronzer is the pigmentation. Its not heavy so it is easy to use. you can build up your contours easily and it blends very well. 
swatch with CC cream and bronzer without flash..
and with flash..
i love that the color is not orange and a matte. I have very oily sin so I try to avoid products with sheen on my face. It has it's own natural sheen! I recommend this to people looking for a nice cheap and cheerful bronzer. It just does the trick!

I also bought the Kiss me! Moisturizing Lip balm. They made me try their lipglosses too which i loved but then the colors available were the shades I already have just on a different brand. 
I will try it once what I have is finished. So I opted for this lip balm. 

The color is just too beautiful. After a week of use, I have proven that it really moisturizes your lips and makes it smooth and soft. I now apply this product when I feel that my lips are chapping or drying. It gives a beautiful hint of color and very light. 

I also needed a lip liner and the sales lady recommended this..

The color is just beautiful and pigmented..
It is waterproof too!
Here are the swatches..The lip liner on the left and lip balm on the right without flash..
with flash..

aren't they beautiful?

Now here's the fun part (okay the little girl inside me is getting excited again!) they gave me a little surprise for my purchase which was inside this box..

It's a simple black clutch bag!
I have to say is not bad for a freebie! 
a lot of pockets for your cards..
and three compartments for other tings like cellphone, lipsticks/gloss, powder, etc..

Prices for the products are as follows:

-Illuminating Foundation CC Cream - 120AED
-Bronzer - 80aed
-Kiss Me! Lip Balm - 60AED (I think! Im not sure..but around this range)
-Velvet touch Waterproof Lipliner - 40AED (again Im not sure about this, I removed the tag price)

I hope this review was helpful guys!



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