Sunday, April 27, 2014

[ARchicTECT Baking Adventure #03] I was bored so I made Vanilla Cupcakes with two types of frostings!

I've been doing a lot of baking lately.. and you will see a lot of it on things that I will be posting soon. This started when I made those Chocolate Chip Cookies of which I blogged about here. I've always loved to bake since I was young and that stopped when I moved here in Dubai 7years ago. Work was too much that I just want to rest when I go home and do nothing. lol! 
But having more free time now has led me back to one of my favorite hobby, which is what i said..baking. It's easier for me to go back to it since I already have the equipment to do basic baking. 
I bought this box of Betty Crocker French Vanilla Cake a year ago, i planned to make them for Chief but then I got busy until I totally forgot about it and now I have to make it because it's about to expire! lol! I promise that this will be the last time I am baking something from an instant box. To make up for this I will be making frosting from scratch.
I just followed instructions nothing too hard...eggs, vegetable oil, water and the cake mix..

Instead of making a cake I opted for cupcakes since they're easier to store and eat. 
So I prepared my cupcake pan with the paper liners..
and this is the finished mix. I used a whisk because its easier and also to avoid lumps on my mixture. 
then we fill up the pans only 3/4 of the batter because we need to give it some space to rise..
make sure to use a timer to have perfect's my old friend Mr. Gingerbread Man..
put them in the oven..and here they are.. see how much it rose from the photo above?
beautiful! They were moist and soft.. love it! Betty Crocker you rock!!!

Let's do the frosting. I will be making Buttercream and Choco Buttercream frosting. I made two because Chief doesn't like chocolate while I on the other hand loves chocolate! We also have guests tonight and I want to give them variety for the dessert. My friend Jasmine is just like me who loves chocolate but I dont know her husband's preference. So better play it safe..
This frosting requires no cooking and no eggs so it is very simple but really yummy. 
I put softened butter on a bowl..
mix it with a wooden spoon and added sugar icing or some call it confectioner's sugar..
I added a teaspoon of vanilla for flavor and mix again until i get the fluffiness I desire.. 
I split the frosting in half.. and this is my buttercream icing..
can you see the consistency of the frosting? It's so creamy and fluffy. It looks so sinful but not really.. I cut half of the sugar so this frosting is not very sweet.. it was perfect..
As for the chocolate buttercream frosting.. I added unsweetened cocoa powder on the other half and mix it evenly..
It's so fluffy and yummy.. I just love it!
I placed the chocolate frosting in a piping bag and piped it on top of the cakes. And I used a butter knife for the butter frosting to give it a different look...
These are my finished product..

This is my first attempt to making cupcakes and I am happy that Chief and our guests loved it. I brought some to work to my staff and they just love it! 
I am happy!
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. If you have questions please feel free to leave a comment below.


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