Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goodbye Foot Blisters!

Have you ever experienced getting blisters from breaking-in a new pair of shoes?
I have! Many times! Back then, I just endured the pain since I love shoes.. 

The solution to this is to rub some antiperspirant on your hands and rub them together before applying on areas of your feet where you usually get blisters..or in my case.. i rub it all over the top of my feet just to be sure I don't miss a spot..

I use this..

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Make sure it is an antiperspirant product. This will prevent your feet from sweating or being moist from sweat which normally causes the blisters because once your skin is damp and it starts to rub on surfaces (example your shoes) that's when blisters starts to form.

I find this very useful specially if you live on hot and humid countries. Humidity causes our feet to sweat which then causes blisters on our feet.

I do this when I'm wearing shoes without stocking or socks. 

I hope this is helpful.

Try it!



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