Sunday, April 27, 2014

[ARchicTECT Baking Adventure #03] I was bored so I made Vanilla Cupcakes with two types of frostings!

I've been doing a lot of baking lately.. and you will see a lot of it on things that I will be posting soon. This started when I made those Chocolate Chip Cookies of which I blogged about here. I've always loved to bake since I was young and that stopped when I moved here in Dubai 7years ago. Work was too much that I just want to rest when I go home and do nothing. lol! 
But having more free time now has led me back to one of my favorite hobby, which is what i said..baking. It's easier for me to go back to it since I already have the equipment to do basic baking. 
I bought this box of Betty Crocker French Vanilla Cake a year ago, i planned to make them for Chief but then I got busy until I totally forgot about it and now I have to make it because it's about to expire! lol! I promise that this will be the last time I am baking something from an instant box. To make up for this I will be making frosting from scratch.
I just followed instructions nothing too hard...eggs, vegetable oil, water and the cake mix..

Instead of making a cake I opted for cupcakes since they're easier to store and eat. 
So I prepared my cupcake pan with the paper liners..
and this is the finished mix. I used a whisk because its easier and also to avoid lumps on my mixture. 
then we fill up the pans only 3/4 of the batter because we need to give it some space to rise..
make sure to use a timer to have perfect's my old friend Mr. Gingerbread Man..
put them in the oven..and here they are.. see how much it rose from the photo above?
beautiful! They were moist and soft.. love it! Betty Crocker you rock!!!

Let's do the frosting. I will be making Buttercream and Choco Buttercream frosting. I made two because Chief doesn't like chocolate while I on the other hand loves chocolate! We also have guests tonight and I want to give them variety for the dessert. My friend Jasmine is just like me who loves chocolate but I dont know her husband's preference. So better play it safe..
This frosting requires no cooking and no eggs so it is very simple but really yummy. 
I put softened butter on a bowl..
mix it with a wooden spoon and added sugar icing or some call it confectioner's sugar..
I added a teaspoon of vanilla for flavor and mix again until i get the fluffiness I desire.. 
I split the frosting in half.. and this is my buttercream icing..
can you see the consistency of the frosting? It's so creamy and fluffy. It looks so sinful but not really.. I cut half of the sugar so this frosting is not very sweet.. it was perfect..
As for the chocolate buttercream frosting.. I added unsweetened cocoa powder on the other half and mix it evenly..
It's so fluffy and yummy.. I just love it!
I placed the chocolate frosting in a piping bag and piped it on top of the cakes. And I used a butter knife for the butter frosting to give it a different look...
These are my finished product..

This is my first attempt to making cupcakes and I am happy that Chief and our guests loved it. I brought some to work to my staff and they just love it! 
I am happy!
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. If you have questions please feel free to leave a comment below.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Product Review: Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Plus Sephora Highlighter & Blush

Remember my unpleasant experience at Mirdif City Center branch of Sephora? I wrote an entry about it which you can read here. Because of that i went to the Dubai Mall branch to do my regular Sephora visit. By the way, I went back to the MCC branch again to give them the benefit of the doubt and there was this lady, I asked her if they had Stila products and she answered: "what Stila? i don't know that" in a very rude and shooing way.. was really rude.. By then I had enough of giving the benefit of the doubt on that store and I just stepped out. Rude people work on that store and I am never going back in there EVER! I was even thinking then when I was walking away from the store that I should have answered her and said "What?? You work for Sephora and you don't know Stila??" I dont know what kind of sales people they hire on that branch. Oh well..they just lost one buying customer.
Anyway, my visit to Sephora Dubai Mall paved way to these beautiful things.. (oh, i love the service by the way!! exactly the opposite of the other branch!) 
I got these babies..
I was supposed to only buy the Too Faced Shadows but then because the sales woman was so nice she made me buy the other two Sephora products. See what happens when sales advisers are nicer and friendly to customers??? More sales!!

I love this palette..
The reason I was asking the other lady for Stila makeup was because I wanted their matte shadows. And since Stila is not available here, I decided to get the Two Faced Matte Eye and I am happy I did.. I just love the colors and pigmentation..
a closer look..
and inside the box comes a free Shadow insurance sample..

which unfortunately seemed to strong for me... I had teary eyes when I used this and my shadow colors started running because of the tears.. I didnt like that I'm  too sensitive for this product :( 
Here are the swatches..
beautiful right?!
As always it comes with makeup guides..
very convenient!
I also got some Sephora makeup and this is my first time to try them. I got the Rose Pink shade..

and the orange pop pop orange blush..

Both colors are so beautiful. You have to be careful in using these products and gradually build it up because they are very pigmented. You dont want to look like a clown :)
This blush is my everyday blush at the moment since it is the perfect color for the summer. It goes well with my Rimmel Kate lipstick #32 that I wrote a review that you can read here.
It gives that pop of color on your cheeks. 
I can't wait for my next trip to Sephora to get new products. I hope this review was helpful. Write me a comment below if you have questions about these products and I will try to answer them the best I can. Til my next review..


Friday, April 4, 2014

Product Review: Gosh Cosmetics

A trip to the pharmacy paved way to my discovery of Gosh Cosmetics from Denmark. I was supposed to get medicine when i was intrigued by the beauty section of  Boots Miridf City Center. Of course my curiosity led to buying and here are the things I got..

The CC Cream Illuminating foundation..

What I like about this CC cream is it's lightness on the skin. It gives a dewy moisturized finish with SPF 10.  Here are the swatches..
My bare hands without anything..
and here's with the applied CC Foundation..
see the glowing dewy finish?
It blends well on the skin.. Coverage of course is not heavy compared to regular foundation. It aims to make your skin look fresh and glowing. 

I also tried their bronzer..

what I like about this bronzer is the pigmentation. Its not heavy so it is easy to use. you can build up your contours easily and it blends very well. 
swatch with CC cream and bronzer without flash..
and with flash..
i love that the color is not orange and a matte. I have very oily sin so I try to avoid products with sheen on my face. It has it's own natural sheen! I recommend this to people looking for a nice cheap and cheerful bronzer. It just does the trick!

I also bought the Kiss me! Moisturizing Lip balm. They made me try their lipglosses too which i loved but then the colors available were the shades I already have just on a different brand. 
I will try it once what I have is finished. So I opted for this lip balm. 

The color is just too beautiful. After a week of use, I have proven that it really moisturizes your lips and makes it smooth and soft. I now apply this product when I feel that my lips are chapping or drying. It gives a beautiful hint of color and very light. 

I also needed a lip liner and the sales lady recommended this..

The color is just beautiful and pigmented..
It is waterproof too!
Here are the swatches..The lip liner on the left and lip balm on the right without flash..
with flash..

aren't they beautiful?

Now here's the fun part (okay the little girl inside me is getting excited again!) they gave me a little surprise for my purchase which was inside this box..

It's a simple black clutch bag!
I have to say is not bad for a freebie! 
a lot of pockets for your cards..
and three compartments for other tings like cellphone, lipsticks/gloss, powder, etc..

Prices for the products are as follows:

-Illuminating Foundation CC Cream - 120AED
-Bronzer - 80aed
-Kiss Me! Lip Balm - 60AED (I think! Im not sure..but around this range)
-Velvet touch Waterproof Lipliner - 40AED (again Im not sure about this, I removed the tag price)

I hope this review was helpful guys!



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Secret to Beautiful Soft Feet!

It's summer again in Dubai and it's starting to get hot! Time to wear those beautiful sandals and slippers and flaunt our beautiful pedicures!

Seven years ago  I shared a flat with 4 girls when I first came here. We shared beauty secrets and it was like living with four sisters... super fun!

One of the obsessions we had then was to have beautiful and soft feet. You know how the hot weather just makes your feet dry? We hated that! Imagine the skin of your feet turning white because of all the dry skin! eewww!

Living on a hot country makes your feet dry, scaly, rough and ugly. Thus make wearing sandals is unflattering. 

There's a cheap and cheerful solution which will keep your feet soft and  moisturized that I want to share with you guys!  It will take the embarrassment of having rough and dry feet when you wear sandals and slippers. I PROMISE! You just have to use two products and a pair of socks.

At night before you sleep, wash your feet and exfoliate using the St. Yves Apricot Scrub. 

Image Courtesy of  Google
It is not necessary to buy a separate foot scrub and I recommend this because you can use it both on your face and body. But if you have extra budget to spend you can get yourself a foot scrub of your choice. 

Dry your feet and apply ample amount of Glysolid Glycerin Cream. 

Image Courtesy of  Google

Unlike the petroleum Jelly, glycerin is not sticky. After application you will feel that the product is being absorbed by your skin and it makes it feel hydrated with matte finish. After application put on your socks and let it stay overnight.

The next morning you will notice softer and  moisturized fee. It keeps your feet moisturized the whole day even after shower. Continuous use gives a better result. 

You can buy this at any Carrefour grocery at the beauty section aisle. It is usually placed beside the Petroleum Jelly rack. 

Glycerin cream can also be used on rough dry areas of your body like the knees and elbows.

Say goodbye to dry and scaly feet with this beauty secret. Try and see for yourself!