Monday, March 31, 2014

Product Review: Rimmel Nail Nurse and Salon Pro Nail Polishes

Hey Everyone! 
I got bored last weekend so I decided to do my nails..
I bought these two polishes from Rimmel..

I used nail strengthener and protective base when I put polish because my nails are so sensitive. They easily turn yellowish in color when I leave on nail polished for a long time. My favorite base that so far has helped protect my nails an not let them discolor is the Deborah Milano.. not being biased because it's an Italian product but it is really the only base polish that has been kind to my nails.. 

I am trying out this Rimmel Nail Nurse to see if it is the same..

and since it's already Spring.. why not try some color right?? Rimmel Salon PRO in 500 Peppermint..
let me show you my bare nails without polish to see the difference when I have the product on.. here are my bare nails..
let's try the Rimmel base coat..
looks promising so has a clear pinkish color..
I am used to my Deborah Milano.,, which is my favorite nail product because it lets me wear nail polish without the worries of nail discoloration..
They're nice right?? Even with just that and top it off with a colorless top coat is just beautiful for me..
Now let's try the color..
Not bad for the Spring or Summer right?? It's just fresh and lovely!

The brush of this polish is bigger and flat..I think all the PRO line of Rimmel Polish has this brush..
Compared to the normal ones like the base..
Sad to say in the end I had to remove the polish.. Chief had a bad face when he saw my nails he hated it!! lol!! He wants natural nails or close to natural colors for my nails.. He just looked disgusted and I couldn't bare it! LoL!! He seemed in pain.. He said it looked like my nails were dipped on paint!! lol!

So I went back to my normal colors..

This is a MAC Nail Polish in Creme Endless Night....

It has a light purplish beige color with a bit of shimmer..
without flash..

with flash...

Just one coat of the polish with the base from Deborah Milano and Revlon colorless top coat. 

For you girls out there that wants a more fresh color for the spring, this Rimmel 500 Peppermint is a nice color good for light, medium  and dark skin tone ..
Try it yourself!



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