Friday, March 7, 2014

Dubai International Boat show and Crocs!

hey everyone!
It has been a while and I really hope my blogging mojo is back. Gone through tough weeks which made me lose interest in whatever I do. Only a human! 
But the good thing is here I am!!!! YAY!
We were invited by a friend to see the International Boat Show in Dubai. Their company were sponsors. Apart from that, Chief loves boats! 
He even had this crazy idea of us living in a boat!! I told him.. hmm.. that would be quite difficult because we have to get a very big boat then.. WHY??!! 
How can all my clothes, shoes accessories fit in there?! and he said.. oh! that's tough! lol! 
Anyway, we have been going in the last two years and it is fun. One thing Chief and I had in common is a dream of owning a boat (more like a yacht for me hehehe..) 
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locations for parking are indicated on the image below

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Apart from seeing the exhibition we were there to support two sets of friends of Chief from Italy who comes here yearly for the show. 
While he was busy talking business with these people, i excused myself and gone to see my friend who sponsored our free passes for the event.
Their company Crocs was the official shoes of the boat show. I have to admit that their product did not impress me at first because the very first pair of Crocs I ever own was given to me by my sister 6 years ago which were maroon colored clogs. I hated it and I did not wear it! I thought then it was just a big no no to wear for fashion conscious people. 
I was then re-introduced last year by my friend by giving me a pair on my birthday. We went to the store and she gave me these:
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I tried them on and it was just beautiful and super comfy! Never had weightless shoes/sandals before! They just made my feet beautiful!
I wore them going around in Singapore if you remember from this post which shows me wearing them.

Now for the boat show my friend gave me a Crocs bag full of goodies that they have been giving away on the event. They have this roulette outside their booth that you can play for free to get little gifts and I was (actually me and Chief) were lucky to get each of the price. 

This is the adorable beach bag.

It is actually a preview since it will be released for the summer as a freebie on the stores when your product purchase reach 500Aed. I cannot wait to use it when we go sailing this August in italy with Chief's friends!
and this is what is inside the bag:
A coffee cup, earphones, card holder and a pen!! 
You may say I'm so shallow but I'm a sucker for freebies! 
This is no ordinary coffee cup! it's actually heavy like those ones you buy from Starbucks.
The really cute lime green earphones in a neat case! 
Adorable! Even comes with spare rubbers for your preference! It reminds me of my Senheiser Earphones that Chief gave me together with my new iPod for my birthday last year.
A cute pen.
and this box which contains...
this cute tiny thing! It's a card holder in a micro attache case design!
you should see how it is just the cutest thing!
like a real full size attache case!!
Isn't that neat?! 
Now I have a spare card holder for my cards!
My friend also gave me several brochures to give away which showcases the new collection of Crocs. 

yes!! every brochure comes with two 25% coupons that I will be giving away to friends and colleagues.
OH! I forgot to mention, Crocs is the favorite footwear of my nephew and niece. They just look adorable with them. 
And last Christmas in the states, my mom has Crocs winter shoes! I tried them on and boy I was shocked on how comfortable and warm they were..

She wore these boots ALL THE TIME! 
and when we stayed at their house I was able to try these:
Really cute purple clogs! Reminded me of Alicia Silverstone's line in the movie Clueless "I've broken my purple clogs!" 
Believe it or not.. these lovelies are warm to the feet! The wool lining just does the trick!

Part of the gifts that my friend gave us were these..

Yup! A free pair of shoes of our own choice! One for me and one for Chief. 
He is looking forward to getting the boat shoe and chose from these...

or this sneaker..

It will be his very first pair of Crocs and I am sure not the last. I almost forgot that the same friend gave us vouchers last Christmas of 200Aed off a pair of shoes each which will give the opportunity for Chief to get two pairs of shoes!

As for me I am eyeing this cute boat shoe which comes in different colors..

It will be perfect for our plan of going sailing with Chief's friends in Italy this August!

For my readers who have not gone to the Boat Show the last day is tomorrow til 9pm. Dont forget to drop by the kiosk of Crocs to win prizes and even a 50% discount coupon and get your pair of boat shoes!

Visit one of the shops in UAE to see all the selection of the season.

Abu Dhabi:
Al Wahda Mall, Mushrif Mall

 Mercato Mall, Al Ghurair Mall, Crocs-Dubai Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai Festival City, 

Al Ain Mall




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