Sunday, February 23, 2014

Going Back to Reading

For a person who love to read, it is normal to have books on your bedside table. 
Mine looks like this..

I've actually taken a pause on my reading for a while and I want to finish all the ones I have started to start off with new ones.. Apart from Hyperspace and 2312 (Chief's books which our maid misplaced -- probably because his side is full lol!) all the books you see on the above photo I have started reading. Weird. I know! 
I can actually read books at the same time as long as the type of plot are different..So there I have a Historical Romance, Thriller, Fictional Romance, etc..

Let's go through them one by one..

1. The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

A must read for all Architects. I love this book so much. The way Ayn Rand writes her story is something I like so much. This was recommended to me by Chief. He thought I might love it. I must admit that this book is inspiring for me as an Architect.

2. Seduction by Design - Sandra Brown
This is the very first book of Sandra Brown that I have read. My sister gave me a hardbound of the same which I left back home. Since I loved the story, I bought a paperback for me to have here in Dubai. This is a fictional Romance Novel. I could relate to the lead character which is probably the reason why I love it. 

3. Love me Forever - Johanna Lindsey
Okay okay.. I love Historical Romances. Actually my favorite author for Historical Romances is Judith McNaught. If you've never read historical romances, her book should be the first one to try. Her books make me fall in love over and over.. I become so emotionally involved every time I read her novels and I have the complete collection of all her works. 
My second favorite author for Historical Romances is Johanna Lindsey. She may not write as good as Judith but I like her books as well. It is a must to have a Historical Romance on my bedside table. 

4. Why Men Love Bitches - Sherry Argov
This book is so much fun to read. It is about women empowerment and learning to love one's self. I recommend this to all women out there. It is best to read it once chapter a day to be able to absorb it well.  Go get it ladies!

5. Freud for Beginners 
The fun way to read and understand the Philosophy of Sigmund Freud. Another book recommended by Chief. He actually wants me to spend more time reading this more than the previous book lol! But I understand him why.

6. Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson - Joan Borysenko

This book is given to me by my male best friend when I was going through so much. I had then a huge problem with my family and this book sort of helped me cope up. I know the book cover doesn't look interesting but its the content that matters.

7. Inferno - Dan Brown
Need I to say much? It's Dan Brown's latest mystery thriller novel.. 
Okay, usually I finish his books in three days. I admit that I got a little bored because the style has not changed.. it's just the same all over again. I hope Dan Brown comes up with another style of writing mystery thriller novels and without Robert Langdon in it!!!!!!!

So, which books are on your bedside table?



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