Friday, January 17, 2014

Reflecting on the year 2013 Part 01

2013 has been really good to me..

I have to say that despite of the incident where I almost lost my life.. everything else was really good..

We traveled a lot this year. 
Who on earth would have 4 holidays in one year?? and we are talking about not regular holidays but out of the country holidays. I'm speaking for the normal people by the way, and when I say normal.. we exclude the rich ones lol!

Let's go through the year 2013 and how it good it was to me..

January we were in Italy, all over Italy. From Palermo, Sicily to Roma, Venezia, Ferrara, Pesaro.. It was my first trip to Italy and definitely wont be the last.

Photos in one of my favorite cities in the world... Venice (Venezia)

The canals of Venice..

The narrow streets..

The beautiful masks..

and the Rialto Bridge..yeah, my scarf was messy.. i was putting it on and off! lol!

and this is at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome with the canopy by Bernini..

Our Italy trip deserves a blog post..  I need to find the time to pick the photos and edit their sizes.. I will one day..promise!

March was when I was hospitalized and almost lost my life.. My blood pressure went up due to high stress at work.. and people at the hospital were panicking to prevent me from having a stroke.. I was admitted at ICU and in the wee hours of the night nurses and doctors were pumping me with medicines to bring my blood pressure down.. 

I had to wear this machine so that I can be monitored from the nurse station..

This is apart from other machines connected to me.. one that checks my BP every hour, my heart rate, oxygen levels, etc..etc..

It was a scary experience. And it did not stop from there. My blood tests showed several illnesses that needed to be cured. The top of the list was my iron deficiency which led to me getting intravenous iron. 

I had to do 5 session of this iron transfer through IV. We didn't know that my eating of Ice was already a Pica Disorder called Pagophagia. I've had this for years because of not treating my anemia of which I had no idea of how serious it was. I just know that I was anemic.. but who's not right?? only to find out that mine was really serious.

Imagine the complication of having high blood pressure and being anemic..It's so confusing!! 

But I have to say that I am now in a very good shape and health! 

By the way, this incident in my life led me to go back to Blogging :) and here I am! 
I needed an outlet and an activity to relax myself and this is what helps me a lot.

To be continued...



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