Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Growing Miniature Christmas Town Collection

Christmas Season last year is when Chief suggested that we start collecting these miniature Christmas Town Structures. The whole month of December, we would go to Ace Harware of Dubai Festival City to buy one structure per week. You should've seen me giggling with excitement on which of which to buy every week. 

This year, we have started again to add more to our growing collection. Hopefully we'd get to  collect as much and create our little Christmas town.

Right now we placed them on top of the bookshelf in our library/study.. so far we have 7!

Let me show you each of what we got..
and here it is when lit..
Some require a couple of AA batteries to have the light function or some are connected with an adapter to a power outlet..
Hardware unlit..
and here it is when lit.. see those little dioramas inside?? so cute!
then we also have the clock tower which gives variety to your little structure for your little town.. again unlit..
and when lit..
Then we also have this..a tractor repair shop..
when lit..
of course we bought the Italian restaurant.. too bad the swith for the light was broken :( This is also more cool when lit..
then we have..The city hall.. unlit
and when lit..
You see that little window?? A diorama.. a wedding is being officiated.. want to see inside??
Then we have my favorite.. The movie theater with a pub..
Here it is when lit..oh! and this comes with music too when you turn on the light!
want to peek inside the ticket booth??
and here is the inside of the Pub..
So cute ei?
presenting..our growing collection for our mini Christmas Miniature Town..

We are leaving in a week's time.. can't wait to celebrate White Christmas with my family and Chief!!



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