Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Favorite Burger Place

Guess what this post is all about.. let me give you a clue..
And another clue..
yes! my favorite! Shake Shack!!
Last weekend Chief and I went to see the movie Gravity. Before the movie we had late lunch at Shake Shack..
this is what we ordered..
two single Shack Burger two orders of fries, one with cheese, one small coke and one big coke and a small Dubai Malt Frozen Custard for dessert!
all for 128 AED..
of course we were given one of these things to buzz us when our order is ready..
it was so quick! we got buzzed after 3 minutes.. 
our burgers..
mine's a simple single Shack Burger.. i love the ratio of all the ingredients on how it works so well together.. the soft bread.. burger patty, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and shack sauce.. I add ketchup on top before every bite..
Chief's Single Shack Burger with added onions and pickles..he says it's good but claims that his burgers (the ones he make at home) are the best burgers.. lol! 
He liked Elevation Burger more than Shake Shack.. We have different preference then for this since I prefer the this than Elevation Burger..
the fries..YUM!
they are crunchy on the outside and juicy soft on the inside.. the cheese works out so well too..
the only plus factor for elevation fries is the guilt.. it's fried on virgin olive oil..
and the frozen custard.. Dubai Malt..
Vanilla and Chocolate custard, Malt, Marshmallow Sauce, Chocolate truffle, Cookie Dough
Custard taste was good but I was a bit disappointed because there was very few chocolate truffle pieces and I think there was only one piece of cookie dough. I was looking forward to the cookie dough because my favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough. They only put  one piece of the cookie dough and it was chief who got it..huhuhuhuhu..
I didn't bother to complain anymore because we were in a bit of a hurry because the movie..
This is the Shake Shack Menu for Dubai to give you an idea of the price..
Image Courtesy of  Google

I can't wait for December.. We'll make sure to visit the original Shake Shake in NYC!!! I will take photos and share them with you!

Did this post make you hungry? 
It makes me want to go to Shake Shack now!



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