Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Barbie Pink Rolls Royce Phantom

I was driving on my way to work this morning and I was put out of my focus when I had a glimpse of this on my side mirror..
I couldn't believe it so I slowed down to wait for it to pass me.. 
Yeah... I was not hallucinating.. it was a Barbie Pink Phantom Rolls Royce..
the hood and the boot are in glittered chrome finish.. I looked at the plate number and saw 2 digits.. 
Ah.. figures... 
Immediately on my mind a short skit was being put together..


FATHER: Hey Sweetheart.. How are you? Anything you want Princess??

DAUGHTER: Yes Daddy. I want a Barbie Pink Rolls Royce Phantom!!!! and I want it NOW!!! (with arms crossed over her chest)

FATHER: Sweetheart.. are you sure you want it "Barbie Pink"?

DAUGHTER: YES DADDY! NOW!!! And I also want the hood and the boot to be in bedazzled glittery chrome finish.. Just right for a princess like me!!!

FATHER: (Makes a phone call to his assistant.. ) Get me a Rolls Royce Phantom in Barbie Pink Color with the boot and hood cover in glittery chrome! Pronto!

LOL!! It sure is fun to be rich and be able to get whatever you want.
When I got home I Googled "Pink Rolls Royce Phantom" and that's when I got the confirmation that this pink Phantom I saw this morning was indeed the car of one of the princess of Dubai. 
Apparently there was an article about the princess driving around in London with this car..
Image Courtesy of thesupercarkids.com
There was also a video on You Tube.
Oh well.. 
It made my morning to see this on my way to work..
The unusual thing was.. it was not the only pink Phantom in the UAE.. When I Googled, two Pink Phantoms came up.. and this is the other one from Abu Dhabi..
Image Courtesy of Google
Image Courtesy of Google
Image Courtesy of Google
Also driving around London..hmm..
Three digit plate so... again.. which also means the owner is from a powerful family.. 
This is a bit different though. It is pink alright.. but neon pink.. and the finish is Matte. 
Which makes me think... Is it a woman who owns this car??? I tried to search for information about this car but nada! 

Well, Only in UAE.. 
As they say.. Expect the Unexpected! This is Dubai!



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