Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dubai Expo 2020 Bid

Hey Everyone!!
I am soooooo.. excited!!! because of this...
Image Courtesy of  Google
Yes!! it's Dubai's bid for World Expo 2020!!!
Image Courtesy of  Google
Right at this moment while I'm writing this blog, voting for Expo 2020 in Paris is being held.
The whole city of Dubai is now waiting for the results and I just can't help but be nervous and excited.
I have lived in Dubai in the last 7 years of my life and it has grown into me. I consider Dubai as my second home. Right now in my heart all I want is for Dubai to win the bid for EXPO 2020.
Dubai's proposal..
Image Courtesy of  Google
Image Courtesy of  Google
First set of voting has finished and Dubai has 77 votes (leading), Russia with 39, Turkey with 33 and Brazil with 13. Brazil has been dropped for the second round of voting and we'll see where the 13 votes will go.. waaahh!! this is nerve-wracking!!!!!
All over the country you will see the support of everybody..
Image Courtesy of  Google
The Burj Al Arab is lit with this every night.. 
Image Courtesy of  Google
Emirates airlines has the logo on their planes.. 
Image Courtesy of  Google
These is the banners posted on Metros, Bridges, etc...
And as a resident of Dubai.. I bod my support by writing this blog..
Let's Go Dubai!! Let's take it!!! Expo 2020 is ours!!!

Image Courtesy of  Google

Update: Dubai won!!!! Makes me so proud!!! We did it!!!!



Monday, November 18, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last two weeks.. I was really depressed and heartbroken of what has happened in the Philippines. Haiyan was a big destruction. 
It was heartbreaking to watch the news, my tears just wont stop dripping from my eyes. Yes, I do not know these people. But they are my countrymen. My country was destroyed. Little children crying because of starvation. Death toll as of this moment is close to 4,000. Survivors are looking for missing / dead family members. Seeing the destruction will just leave you with a heavy heart. 

I didn't feel like writing.. From day one I kept myself updated with the news through CNN and Twitter. I'm still out of words until now. I just don't have the drive to write. Let me just share photos I have downloaded of the horrifying destruction done by typhoon Haiyan.
The satellite photo showing the size of Haiyan - Category 5 Super Typhoon that has the strength of 230km/hour.
Photos of destruction..

Everything was wiped of to the ground..
and people were left with nothing..

Communities wiped out..

more destruction..

survivors on queue for food and water..

and the children :( why do they have to experience this??

People walking on the streets cover their noses because of the scent of decaying dead bodies..

A boat carried out on land by the storm surge..

people were given hope on the birth of this baby the day after the storm.. Birth a sign of hope and new life..something to thank for..
After all of this, there is no other way to go but up.  
Last weekend Chief and I went to the Philippine Consulate in Dubai to drop off clothes, shoes, blankets. There were so many people at the consulate when we arrived and more coming. We just went, dropped the clothes and left. It was overwhelming to see all the help pouring. People even put messages on their boxes, bags for the survivors.. stay strong, we are praying for you etc. etc..
When we left, I felt that we did not give enough ( 4 big black garbage bags full of clothes, blanket and shoes) But I guess its better than nothing. I just hope that the donations and relief goods will reach the victims and not go to the wrong hands.. you know what I'm talking about. 

In behalf of my fellow country men..



Note: Photo source are from different websites from Google. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Barbie Pink Rolls Royce Phantom

I was driving on my way to work this morning and I was put out of my focus when I had a glimpse of this on my side mirror..
I couldn't believe it so I slowed down to wait for it to pass me.. 
Yeah... I was not hallucinating.. it was a Barbie Pink Phantom Rolls Royce..
the hood and the boot are in glittered chrome finish.. I looked at the plate number and saw 2 digits.. 
Ah.. figures... 
Immediately on my mind a short skit was being put together..


FATHER: Hey Sweetheart.. How are you? Anything you want Princess??

DAUGHTER: Yes Daddy. I want a Barbie Pink Rolls Royce Phantom!!!! and I want it NOW!!! (with arms crossed over her chest)

FATHER: Sweetheart.. are you sure you want it "Barbie Pink"?

DAUGHTER: YES DADDY! NOW!!! And I also want the hood and the boot to be in bedazzled glittery chrome finish.. Just right for a princess like me!!!

FATHER: (Makes a phone call to his assistant.. ) Get me a Rolls Royce Phantom in Barbie Pink Color with the boot and hood cover in glittery chrome! Pronto!

LOL!! It sure is fun to be rich and be able to get whatever you want.
When I got home I Googled "Pink Rolls Royce Phantom" and that's when I got the confirmation that this pink Phantom I saw this morning was indeed the car of one of the princess of Dubai. 
Apparently there was an article about the princess driving around in London with this car..
Image Courtesy of
There was also a video on You Tube.
Oh well.. 
It made my morning to see this on my way to work..
The unusual thing was.. it was not the only pink Phantom in the UAE.. When I Googled, two Pink Phantoms came up.. and this is the other one from Abu Dhabi..
Image Courtesy of Google
Image Courtesy of Google
Image Courtesy of Google
Also driving around London..hmm..
Three digit plate so... again.. which also means the owner is from a powerful family.. 
This is a bit different though. It is pink alright.. but neon pink.. and the finish is Matte. 
Which makes me think... Is it a woman who owns this car??? I tried to search for information about this car but nada! 

Well, Only in UAE.. 
As they say.. Expect the Unexpected! This is Dubai!



Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Favorite Burger Place

Guess what this post is all about.. let me give you a clue..
And another clue..
yes! my favorite! Shake Shack!!
Last weekend Chief and I went to see the movie Gravity. Before the movie we had late lunch at Shake Shack..
this is what we ordered..
two single Shack Burger two orders of fries, one with cheese, one small coke and one big coke and a small Dubai Malt Frozen Custard for dessert!
all for 128 AED..
of course we were given one of these things to buzz us when our order is ready..
it was so quick! we got buzzed after 3 minutes.. 
our burgers..
mine's a simple single Shack Burger.. i love the ratio of all the ingredients on how it works so well together.. the soft bread.. burger patty, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and shack sauce.. I add ketchup on top before every bite..
Chief's Single Shack Burger with added onions and pickles..he says it's good but claims that his burgers (the ones he make at home) are the best burgers.. lol! 
He liked Elevation Burger more than Shake Shack.. We have different preference then for this since I prefer the this than Elevation Burger..
the fries..YUM!
they are crunchy on the outside and juicy soft on the inside.. the cheese works out so well too..
the only plus factor for elevation fries is the guilt.. it's fried on virgin olive oil..
and the frozen custard.. Dubai Malt..
Vanilla and Chocolate custard, Malt, Marshmallow Sauce, Chocolate truffle, Cookie Dough
Custard taste was good but I was a bit disappointed because there was very few chocolate truffle pieces and I think there was only one piece of cookie dough. I was looking forward to the cookie dough because my favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough. They only put  one piece of the cookie dough and it was chief who got it..huhuhuhuhu..
I didn't bother to complain anymore because we were in a bit of a hurry because the movie..
This is the Shake Shack Menu for Dubai to give you an idea of the price..
Image Courtesy of  Google

I can't wait for December.. We'll make sure to visit the original Shake Shake in NYC!!! I will take photos and share them with you!

Did this post make you hungry? 
It makes me want to go to Shake Shack now!



Interior Architecture Works: Baby's Room Concept

i would like to share this Baby's room concept that I quickly did  for a  client.
There were design limitations since they are just renting the house. We cannot build nor knock down anything and I have to work with those constraints.
It's a very spacious room with measurement of 7.0 X 8.0 meters and they want it to be totally pink (its a baby girl) and the ceiling painted with a sky effect. 
These are the existing photos of the room..

This is what I came up with.

What do you think? Not bad for a one day concept right?

Actually I dont like the sky effect.. bu it's what the client requested.. if i was to design it.. it will be without the sky which would turn out like this..
The client loved my concept. He actually then wanted us to work on the interiors of the whole house. Chief declined, we have our hands full at the moment in the office. The client begged him to do his house (well.. I did the design and concept.. so it's probably  gonna be me who will do it..) But as I said I really have so much and I cannot afford to add another project on what I have now. 
Chief told him that we will try to work out the schedule of works int he office and see if we can squeeze him in. If that happens, this is gonna be bigger than the Palm Jumeirah Villa that I did.

Let me know your thoughts!