Monday, September 16, 2013

What is your Signature Scent?

Part of my daily preps in the morning is wearing a scent. I feel naked when I am not wearing one and has always been like this since I was young. I remember my mom telling me "It is important that you always smell nice, because even if a person is not beautiful but they smell nice, they become beautiful". 
Imagine telling that to a young girl who is full of insecurities and consider herself a shadow of her sister. This was an information taken seriously and made as a rule in her life. (Yes, I was very insecure as a young child, still a little bit now I have to admit.)

I grew up never passing a day without a cologne when I was younger. Started off with Johnson's baby cologne that became Angel's Breath and teenage years became Victoria's Secret  Pear Glace. 

This was the original packaging then. I never ran out of this and I had the other scents too. 
Of course this has evolved as I grew up and mature. I used to have a collection of all the scents of Victoria's Secret Body Splashes that I use after I shower.. apart from the perfume that I will be using during the day. I had perfumes too from Clinque Happy, Ralph Lauren Ralph, Cool Water, CK One, CK Be, etc...

I remember my male classmates at the University, they told me that they knew I was at the area or coming towards them at the hall of our classrooms because they can smell my scent right before they see me. lol! So, it's sort of became part of my identity. 

After a while I have matured and just stuck with a bottle of 2-3 of which ones that works very well with my body. We all know that fragrances have different effects on each individual depending on the chemical composition of our bodies. Some may smell nice to others and not to you. 

I'm glad to have found 3  that works very well for me and let me share them to you.


This is the least of my favorite of what I have at the moment. Why?
The scent is something I thought I like when I bought it. I even got the 100ml. So stupid of me. Don't get me wrong, the scent is nice, but I am not so fond of it. In fact, I rarely use it. On first spray, the scent is too strong, I remember Chief complaining that I've put on too much perfume. I really didn't. It's my normal way of spraying as how I always do on which he doesn't complain when i use my other scents. 
The scent stays for a few hours but I notice that at the end of the day, it's gone. The scents I wear lasts the whole day for me until I get home. This doesn't. I dont know, maybe I have not used it too much (since I don't like it) and might have to give it a chance (ironically the same as it's name lol) to see if it does stay long for the day. 


This is a fragrance I have been identified for the last 10years. I love this scent and it is something that I will always wear. It works for casual and formal. For me it is a sweet smell that makes you feel so feminine.


This is my top favorite among all. I've been using it  and has been my signature scent for more than 3 years. I've received a lot of compliments for this scent. Sadly, D&G has discontinued this perfume. I now have my last bottle. I've checked on all big shops for this and was given the same information that they are just finishing the stocks of this line because it is being discontinued. the last bottle I have was purchased on a small Perfume shop in a grocery. I am trying to hoard as much as I can at the moment and try to get it from small perfume shops who are the only ones who has it now. 
I'm still hunting to find a replacement for this and still unsuccessful :( 
Priority is to still try to find it on small shops to hoard and also to find a replacement.


This perfume is my all time favorite. It is not expensive and I only have the access to buy it in the states at discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx. I think its around $20. The last time i was in the States was 2008 and of course the 100 ml. bottle I bought is finished. This is why I am looking forward to my visit in the States this Christmas to spend the Holidays with my family and Chief. Last year's holiday was with Chief's family in Italy so this year is mine. 
I received a lot of compliments for this perfume too. The scent is very classic and pleasant. You smell like a real woman. Compare the D&G #3 which smells pleasant and sweet (not too much). 

What about you guys? What is/are your signature scent? 




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    1. It is a beautiful scent. Too bad it is being discontinued :( We need to hoard!!!