Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tokyo Love Soap

I was texting with my cousin through Whatsapp last week.
She told me about this Japanese soap she's been using for the last 3 months that made her skin lighter immediately after first use and more.. She sent me photos of herself and that's when I got excited.

See, I am a bit obsessive when it comes to things like this. On my childhood years I've developed a habit of making myself presentable physically that started off with Johnson's baby cologne to Angel's Breath, with the mild Johnson's compact powder and a fruity lip gloss. 

Now at my age, my beauty regimen has matured and included things that you did not even consider when you were young like whitening, keeping a beautiful complexion etc.. This probably is the reason why I've managed to have kept looking younger than my age. I've always been mistaken to be 5years younger. Chief's friends and family has always asked about how old I am and always thought I was younger which makes him so proud..and me happy of course. I can thank my early consciousness about maintaining myself physically as the reason for all this. 

My female cousins, my sister and myself have always shared tips and secrets about the different beauty products we use. Distance does not even stop us. Imagine one cousin living in Manila, my sister in Philadelphia, another cousin in San Francisco and myself here in Dubai. Beauty has made the world smaller for us. You can picture the excitement when our cousin from Manila discovered this product from Tokyo Love Soap, tried it herself and shared it to us. 

Immediately upon reading about the product on the website and some reviews, I made my order! Our cousin in San Francisco did too and my sister is making her order at the moment. 

To know more about this product you can visit the website of   Tokyo Love Shop . You can also read on about the products and their benefits. They ship all over the world and free for orders of $50 and up. This September they have a promotion of getting one soap of your choice for free for every $50 order. Meaning if the total of your order is $150 you get 3 free soaps of your choice. Just use the coupon 50free upon checkout. 

PROMO DETAILS- Coupon code is valid only from September 03 to September 30, 2013. - ONLY THREE COUPON CODE USE IS ALLOWED PER CUSTOMER.  - Three coupon use means that the code is limited to three separate transactions, NOT THREE SOAPS. - A single transaction can include any amount of soap. It can be 1, 100 or 1,000 soaps in a single transaction. - Any purchase amounting more than $250.00 USD is upgraded to express shipping for free. - This promo is not valid with any other coupon code or promotions. - The free items will not show in your cart. You know that the coupon worked if you see a 0.01 discount on your purchase. - Customer should email us immediately at after ordering indicating their order ID (4 digit code you receive after purchase) and the free Tokyo Love Soap of their choice.For example: “My order id is 2832, the amount I purchased is 324.50 USD and my freebie should be 3 premium, 2 ultimate and 1 original”

My cousin advised us to try the Tokyo Love Soap Premium, I ordered 4 pieces you can read on the website about the benefits of this soap as well as the reviews from users all over the world.

To be able to avail the promotion and reach $100 to get 2 free soaps, I also ordered the Tokyo Love Spot KEU Whitening Corrector Cream which I'm planning to use on my underarms, elbows, Knees and Goin area..

My order total was $115.94 and I requested for the same Premium Soap for my free ones. 

I saw on the reviews that they sometime throw in some freebies of their other products so you can try them. I am hoping to receive one when my order comes. 

Right now I am just anxious for my order to arrive here in Dubai. I was told on my account to try my tracking number next week for an update for my shipment. I really cannot wait. 

If this product pleases me, I am thinking of selling here in Dubai. 

For now we all have to wait til my order comes so I can give you my review for this product.




  1. Hi I would like to know how you ordered your TLS Soaps?

  2. Hi Dear, I order them from their website, you can click the TLS photo on the upper right corner of this blog, it takes you there directly. They ship worldwide and with a minimum purchase, they deliver at no cost. They have promotions at the moment so check it out! Goodluck!