Saturday, September 28, 2013

Revlon PHOTOREADY 3D Volume Mascara & Just Gold Liner Pen

Ciao ladies!

Since Chief left few days ago for a week long business trip, I have all this free time to do some shopping (he hates shopping), go to the salon, plan and book our short holiday for the coming EID break (oh.. we're going to Singapore.. and I will tell you all about it after the Sri Lanka trip) and blog.
I got this mascara along with my NYX lip glosses that I talked about on this BLOG.

It's Revlon's Photoready 3D Volume Mascara. This is how the lash brush looks like..

After trying this product one thing I noticed is that the mascara is not thick, which is good because it does not clump. The color is very black as how I want it and application is easy because of the small bristles of the brush. 
At first application it gives a natural look and not so thick lashes that looks heavy. This look I recommend during the day. Apply two coats for a thicker and fuller effect that works very well for dramatic eyes or evening look.

Another product that I bought--for the first time by the way-- is this Just Gold Liner Pen. I got it from Dragon Mart at one of the kiosks that sells makeup. Its made in Germany (as it says and i hope!) Price is 25AED each.

There's a story behind the purchase of this product. As what I posted before on an old blog, I have always used ELF's Waterproof eyeliner pen. It is part of my everyday makeup routine so every time I order online, I buy a minimum of 10 to stock since I buy from US and have it shipped here in Dubai via my Aramex New York P.O. Box. 
Since ELF has stopped accepting international credit cards, which prohibited me to purchase on the online US Store, I started looking for an alternative for the same. 
I don't like pencils nor the eyeliners on small jars with brush. I'm so used to the eyeliner pen for years and I really need to find something similar.
This is what I found and so far.. it's good. It's the same as the ELF Waterproof liner, actually, even better because it does not dry up so quickly like the other. 
Having the experience of the ELF ones drying up so quickly I bought four on my first purchase. Now I don't have to worry about running out of this product since this is available locally. 
This December when I go to New York and see my family I will buy the other ELF products that I like to stock and bring back here in Dubai apart from the eyeliner :) 



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