Friday, September 13, 2013

Eraserheads Concert in Dubai 2013

I know this is late, I totally forgot about making this post.. but its better late than never, right?
Chief dropped me off at the concert venue at Dubai Media City. I've never seen so much Filipinos here in Dubai gathered at one place. That's one thing that Eraserheads did. That night. Dubai Media City Amphitheater felt like I was back in the Philippines in one of the stadiums of a big University where they usually held concerts like this one.
I am a big fan of Eheads, but I've only seen them in concert once before this one. The very first was at Don Bosco in Makati City with my Bosconian friends. I was still in high school and the Eheads concert was part of the celebration of their annual school fair. I think the Cutterpillow album was just released few months before that concert. We are talking about my second year in high school.
Anyway, enough of my Eheads days history. So, I waited on the venue with my friend Jasmine, she had our passes for the concert so I waited in line with the rest of the concert goers. She came just before I reached the entrance door where they checked the tickets.
and this is our entrance..

our Complimentary Platinum VIP wrist tags.. my hand is the one with the mole.

and we saw this on the screen.. the waiting time til the concert starts.. it made the people excited

the audience patiently waiting..

the last minute countown..

and the concert finally started

Here's my man Ely..

Raymund on his drums..

The ever humble Buddy..

and of course the ever talented lead guitarist Marcus..

I know the shots were horrible.. It was a bit difficult. In the end, I noticed people were not really enjoying the concert but just had their cam recorders, cellphones, tablets recording the whole concert.. which was a pity. I decided to enjoy the concert  and I kept my camera in my pocket.
I knew the band was not pleased with the crowd, there was not much cheering, why  not?? they were so focused on recording the concert so they can post them on their social media accounts. For sure they are not ever gonna watch these videos again. I mean, you've seen it live, why would you want to see it on video.  People who watches concert on videos are the ones who missed the concert itself.
In the middle of it, it felt like the band was just being professional and pushing through the show without much of excitement as how rock concerts should be. I tried to, in my own little way, to make them feel how happy I was they are on stage performing in front of me after so many years of not being together and after missing the Reunion Concert in the Philippines. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. But it was just me Jasmine screaming in an open field! Of course it didn't do much. Also  my energy was limited. You guys all know I just came out of the ICU less than 10 days before this huge concert. Chief was even hesitant to let me come but he knew this was one of those  thing that will rarely happen ever again. Also, I explained how much of a big fan I really am. He made me promise not to act like a teenager and scream but just enjoy the show. I broke this promise. lol! But I didn't tell him, I know that I don't have to and I know that he knew. I mean, how can you control the excitement when you are in a rock concert?? This is no opera! We need to scream at the top of our lungs! But of course when I was feeling a little bit different I calmed myself and just sang in sync with the band and enjoyed every moment.

Here's Ely at the finale.. they sang Pare Ko of course.

I bought a souvenir Tshirt after the concert. It's one of those things that you should have as memorabilia of this event.

I enjoyed every moment of the concert. Brought me back to my teenage years and reminded me why I have Eheads songs on my iPad and iPods.. and why I adored this band,

Epic night! I love Eraseheads!



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