Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Emirates Airlines First Class Cabin - Boeing 777 Tour

Remember I told you guys that we went on a short holiday to Sri Lanka? We booked Business Class tickets at Emirates and on our way back we're so lucky to be upgraded to First Class. This is because Chief has the Gold status for his Skywards. Part of the benefits of being a gold member is getting an upgrade right before the flight. 
During check-in Chief was already asked by the ground attendant for his details since they are aware of his Skywards Status. They were already offering him the First Class upgrade. He told the man that he will accept the upgrade only if I would be upgraded too. If not, he'll stay with me on Business Class. Yes, that's how sweet my man is. I always have a reason to fall in love with him over and over again. 
When the man left to talk to other passengers, he told me that he hopes that we get the upgrade for me, because it will be my first time and he wants me to experience it. 
In the end when we checked in at the gate we were told that we got upgraded. YAY! I got so excited. 
Usually I'd take naps on flights because this way, I can recharge my energy. But this trip, I said to myself "What the hell, I will make sure to enjoy every moment of my very first experience at First Class. 
So, just like the Business Class, you get to be served with champagne while waiting for other passengers to get boarded the plane. I started taking photos. The most unusual thing is, Chief, the person who hates his photograph taken, has asked the flight attendant to have our photo taken together. We had the dividing wall between two cabins down so we can see each other and reach for each other.  My man, without me asking and pleading for it, had taken the initiative to have our photo taken! It made me really happy. 
I guess I should stop the talk now and start with my tour of the First Class Cabin of Emirates Airlines..
In first class you dont have a seat number but a Suite number. You can close the doors of your suite if you want privacy and even put the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign as you please.

This is my Suite. That's a small desk in front of you where you have so much leg room. The drawer on the left has writing box. It will be one of the photos when you scroll down. And that mirror where you can see me is the mini vanity mirror with little toiletries provided for the passenger.
That's how much leg room I have. This is so I can have my seat flat like a bed. Oh so comfy! 
And this is the First Class Suite guide that they provide for each cabin which comes in handy for first timers like myself.
When you open the booklet you have this image showing you how to manipulate every single gadget inside your little suite.
Your very own mini bar. That's Diet Pepsi, 7Up, Perrier Sparkling Water, Mango Juice, Voss Still Water and regular Pepsi. This is apart from the drinks that they serve for your meals depending on what you want and the overflowing champagne.
Yes, that's my champagne that was served upon boarding and while other passengers are being boarded. This is what they do at Business Class as well. That little screen you see is your Cabin Control for everything. It looks like a mini iPad.
These are the controls to call an attendant, for the lights and to release your control pad.
This a small compartment at you armrest which can be closed to put valuables.
Each suite has it's own power outlet in case you need to charge things like iPads, Laptops, etc.
This is the writing box inside the drawer. 
and this is what's inside the box, a stationary with envelope and pen all with the logo of Emirates..
This is the close up shot of the vanity.. see those little toiletries and creams..Those two round things are scents. One for relaxing to help you sleep and the other one to help you concentrate. That latter one is for those people who still work while flying. I love how they consider these things for their passenger. Yep, that's me on the mirror!
This is the vanity box when you remove it from the counter..You can take it home if you want to.
They provide noise cancellation headset..
which looks like this..
The attendants go around with a lot of reading materials that you can choose from.. I grabbed the ones that won't stress my mind since I want to relax.. we need doses of gossips once in a while..
This is my appetizer, prawn salad with white wine..
I opted for Chicken Biryani for my main course..
and this is my cheesecake for dessert that comes with a box of Godiva chocolates.. oh my.. it's so good..
Chief didn't want his.. or probably gave up his for me since he knows how much I love chocolates and the attendant gave me another extra box.. 
This is what's inside those little boxes of yum!
Yup, I finished 3 boxes of Godiva Chocolates and two bottles of Voss with it.. 'twas so good!
For privacy.. and since I didn't want people to see my overeating of chocolates, I closed my doors after they've taken my food tray..
Saw Modern Family..
Yep, that's me lying down..
Of course I watched a Filipino movie which actually made me laugh so much..
There's my man "Chief" relaxing on his suite. Do you see that panel with the gold trim  between us, that can be kept up if you want privacy and you are sitting beside a stranger.  The location of our suite having them in the middle and side by side is the best seats for couples like us. This way we can reach over and give each other a peck
See our hands clasped while we each watch our own thing..That's how sweet my man is.. nothing more I can ask for..
The whole experience is top notch. We were taken cared of very well by attendants and I enjoyed every moment. 
I wish we'd get upgraded again on our upcoming trip for the Christmas holidays. Last year we were in Italy to be with his family and this year is my turn so we'd be spending the holidays with my family at NYC!! I'm very excited!!

That is it for the tour of the Boeing 777 First Class of Emirates Airlines. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I had writing this blog.




  1. this is super cool! I want to grab everything...

    1. It is Donna! Imagine my excitement since it was my first time :)