Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I was having breakfast few minutes ago and I have this habit of reading the news the same time to get myself updated with the world, and Then i ran across this article:

It just made me want to cry.. Cry because of anger and cry for the little girl.. I don't want to imagine what she went through in the hands of this monster!

I'm actually crying right now as I write this blog. Why are these things allowed to happen on these countries.. An eight year old bride married to a 40year old man?! The man is 5X his age!! And what in the world is inside the brain of this sick sick man to even have the sexual urge towards an 8 year old girl who is not even close to puberty?!!!!

Sorry for this rant.. I'm really upset over this..
This is one of those moments when I say that if there was really a god or if he did existed, why would he let things like this happen.



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