Thursday, August 15, 2013


I've always been a scarf person and never leave the house without one.

Here's my collection...

Comes in different variety, style, color and material depending on when and where you need them.

Scarf is an essential fashion accessory for me. It can turn any simple clothing to stylish, chic and fashionable get up.


Because of this, I want to share one of my favorite Youtube videos of a girl doing 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 5 minutes.




Upcoming Trip to Sri Lanka

And guess who's back.. yours truly..
Things were back to normal since my last post and that means 9am-7pm working hours. well I'm lucky if I leave the office at exactly 7pm which rarely happens.  Then I get home, cook dinner and the day is done.. This is my weekly schedule and weekends, I value so much to spend time with Chief.

We are on the last few days of work.. 4days to be exact.. so.. its crunch time!! So much to do with so little time before our summer holiday to Sri Lanka!! yay!!
It's going to be only for 9days and you can imagine my excitement.. Business Class Tickets.. boutique Hotels and a whole lot time of new discoveries and bonding with nature..

I've researched on things we can do since we are going to two cities. First is Kandy, it is the central part of the island of Sri Lanka, and generally recognized as the island nation's cultural capital. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. As an architect, for both Chief and myself, this is one of those educational and very interesting place to see.
We will be spending some time in Colombo as well, about three days to see the city.

So, Since we will be doing some trekking and hiking, chief wanted me to be ready and told me to get some hiking shoes.. and these are the beautiful ones that I got..

It's from Columbia and not bad for 395AED. It's water proof and look at how stylish it is compard to normal hiking shoes. I was at Timberland before checking out Columbia and all they have are the dark browns and blacks of hiking shoes..BORING!!! Im glad I found these really chic ones :) 
They also have this pretty waterproof hat that will protect my face from the sun.. it's so chic too don you think?? 

Since its all black (its actually reversible with a grey and black pattern for the other side) it looks really elegant and chic. I can't help but be maarte with my stuff even though I will surely get dirty when we go hiking and trekking. Always have to be beautiful, stylish and chic no matter what activity you do. 
I can already imagine all the mud and dirt like how it was when we were in Chiangmai, Thailand two years ago.. we had a blast.

Anyway, I've started packing..These are the clothes I'm taking.. no jeans all light material.. but I made sure to take at least 3 dresses for dinner dates with Chief.
Here's what I have set aside so far..

and these for the shoes, slippers, sandals to take.. not yet final.. (Why is Chief's slippers with my stuff??)

of course never forget to take some scarves with you, they make any outfit look classy and chic..

I got myself a denim jacket from Forever 21that will be handy to protect me for the hiking and trekking..and can be used to cover up also for the dresses Im bringing with me

This is what I'm planning to wear on our way to Colombo, It's a summer dress from H&M

And of course the get up will not be complete without my cardigan, also from H&M with brown belt from Parfois and H&M flats..

Here's the thing.. while shopping for my hiking stuff to get ready for the trip, I got the excitement of my life seeing the shoes I've been hunting for some time. I fell in love with these stems when I first laid my eyes on them on one of Rachel Bilson's photo..

I've been looking for it ever since and having trouble finding them or even close to it.. until today!!!!!! There's only black and grey available colors for it.. I had a bit of difficulty choosing between the black and grey and eventually settled for the grey one.. this is my 4th pair of grey shoes.. they're so classy and I can't wait to get back from the trip to use them.. Aren't they lovely... 

It did cut a bit out of my savings because my budget was for a pair white gladiator flats at Aldo and my budget went up to X3 for this pair.. so gladiators were cut out of the shopping list.
There goes my prep shopping for our Sri Lanka trip.. i will take a lot of photos and share them with you guys.. We're hoping to have a blast! See you when I get back!