Saturday, May 25, 2013

[ARchicTECT Baking Adventure #01] Chicken Pie Baking Experience

I apologize for the lack of posts. Been very busy since I reported back to work after my life episode and Chief's father was with us, he flew in from Italy for a few days and our schedule was so hectic. Finally, a peaceful weekend of just Chief and myself. We bummed at home and did a marathon of old black and white sci-fi movies. Chief's addicted to sci-fi movies specially the old ones, you should see our DVD library.. we've got hard to find movies dating early 1900's! He introduced me to sci-fi movie genre.

Of course bumming made us hungry and I thought of making some Chicken Pie. I've wanted to try to make it for a long time.. years I may say.. and finally did it! So we went to get some stuff at the grocery and I started baking.

My ingredients were all simple, specially the filling. I made a creamy chicken filling with potatoes, carrots and raisins. 

 Sauteed the chicken in onions, added the vegetables, raisins,  chicken broth, a little bit of cream, and pepper to taste. The saltiness from the low sodium chicken broth is enough. Oh, and I did put a bit of sugar in it.

I made the pie crust after. This is where the challenge started. It was a bit difficult because of the mixing, kneading and rolling.
My first pastry dough..

My kitchen table became my work top for all the rolling..Yup, that's my brand new rolling pin that I just purchased a hour ago before this photo was taken. I was so excited, its my first time to use a rolling pin!
My first few pies were not perfect..

But what the heck, its the taste that matters in the end. (This is what I told myself initially when I was having difficulty manipulating the dough) But right after making about 2-3 pies, I got to understand how I can do it better. I used waxed paper and a lot of flour on the side so that the dough doesn't stick to my rolling pin. In the end, the latter batch became perfect. I was cutting the edges using a small plate by rolling its edges around the folded dough with filling to cut out the extra. These batch I decided to keep in the freezer so we can easily bake it when we get hungry and feel too lazy to cook.

Here's my not so perfectly looking pie but tasted really good..

Poor Chief, he was so hungry waiting for me to finish and fell asleep on the couch with a John Wayne movie on. In the end, instead of having it for lunch, it became a very late lunch (around 4:30pm when he woke up from his nap) and our early dinner as well.. we had another serving around seven thirty-ish. He said it was worth the wait and loved it. See.. this is why I love cooking for him. In any case, it was very good for a first time pie baking experience. My whole body was so sore after for the kneading and rolling I did. It was all worth it. Next on the menu would be an apple pie, Chief's favorite :)



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