Thursday, April 4, 2013

Get Together

Was if fun? Did we have a good time?

Of Course YES!

Met up with Jasmine and Rachel's family at Mirdif City Center. It was nice seeing Rachel again after how many months with my god daughter. I always meet up with Jasmine but the last time we saw each other was few weeks ago when she came to see me at the hospital. We'd go out for coffee and shopping or I'd go to her house just to hang out or during parties and get together that we would be invited at their place.

I was actually happy. I felt normal since I got hospitalized few weeks ago, It felt like I was not sick. I was worried about this day because yesterday Chief and I did a bit of a "trial" when we went to the same mall to do some grocery shopping. I did not fare so well that just a few minutes of walk just made me so tired and out of breath.---JUST WALKING! That's the last thing I wanted was another trip to the hospital.

We then decided to sit down and eat since what we all wanted to do was to talk. They chose the Italian restaurant Al Forno. More like American-Italian.

I had the Caprese since I am on a strict low salt, low cholesterol and low iron diet.

Jasmine had the Shrimp Salad that I forgot what its called

Rachel and her family had Pizza, Pasta and Steak. Lucky them they can eat whatever they want.

This is Rachel with her hubby Gani

The whole gang: From left is Isabelle (my god daughter), Rachel her mom, Gani, Myself and Jasmine

and the 217 girls minus Kirstin and these girls!

Rachel brought a gift with her from her trip to Philippines. A gift from one of our friends Geomilie, it was a Christmas gift that came late. A sexy LBD with a necklace accessory. 

Its quite shocking how Geomilie just know my size. Every time she sends me a gift (usually clothes) they fit perfectly!

After that sumptuous lunch we headed to American Eagle Outfitters since there was a sale..I know! I'm a sore loser when it comes to sale. I told Rachel and Jasmine of the beautiful underwear Aerie have on style. Aerie is the underwear line for AEO.

After the store trip we went to my plac.. Jasmine's husband Nick baked some brownies for us to share, we had it with our was very nice

Chief and I as well as Jasmine prepared dinner for everyone later on.
It was a fun night of talking and cooking and get together. I enjoyed every single moment of it. 



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