Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eraserheads in Dubai - Press Conference

I am an Architect, and do not work for press. But what am I doing at the Press Conference for Eraserheads in Dubai Concert?? IM A BIG FAN!

So, my friend Kelvin who works as a DJ for the local Filipino Radio in Dubai (Rewind Radio) gave me and Jasmine Platinum passes for the Sundance and Du World Music Festival 2013 Featuring the Eraserheads.

 Here's my favorite band of all time!

You can imagine my excitement when I found out upon hearing this on the radio. I immediately made a call when I heard that Rewind Radio was a sponsor. I was like... Sh***T I have to see this concert! I cannot miss this after the Reunion concert back 2008!

I was really disappointed then because I was here in Dubai and I cannot just ask for an emergency leave from work to fly to Manila for this. Back then I was still working for this company with very strict rules for leaves and a pain in the butt manager. Back then Kelvin was also working for the same company as one of our graphic designers. He then left for a holiday in the Philippines and got me CDs of the concert when he got back.

So going back to present, I called Jasmine to get in touch with Kelvin since they talk a lot and Kelvin did not reply on my BBM message. She had good news when she called back.. two tickets for the concert!!! And when she picked up the tickets from Kelvin's co-DJ from the radio station, it was Platinum passes baby!! HELL YEAH! (me dancing and jumping up and down)!

Kelvin knew I was a big fan, so he told me to come to the press conference to be able to see them closer, and have photos taken with them.

I was supposed to take my collection of CDs to have them autographed but could not find them :( I just brought two cameras with me, an DSLR and point and shoot just so I am ready for whatever. I came to Radisson Blue Hotel in Media City later than schedule. The presscon was at 11am 'til 11:45am, I got there at 12nn. Chief and I passed the hotel and told me to go down and check he said "try, there's a big possibility that they start late, you said they're a rock band and if they live up to their rock star status, they are probably late." Despite of my hesitation and also save myself the embarrassment for being late I still got off the car, saw people wearing t-shirts of the band entering the hotel. I saw a Filipino guy and I asked him if the presscon is finished. He said it hasn't started since the band just got there. I immediately called Chief and told him the good news. (He was feeling bad for holding me and the reason I was late----I could have missed this event, He knew I was excited for this and been texting him and reminding him every single day since he was supposed to accompany me. He then left off after and went to work.) 

While sitting at the lobby I saw Buddy (the bassist) come out of the coffee shop..then Ely (vocals and guitar), Markus (lead guitar) and then Raimund (drummer)... I WAS STAR STRUCKED! I couldn't move, I just stared.. then all of a sudden the band posed at the lobby with this man -- I don't know who he was could be one of the sponsors. Everybody stood up and went to a corner and started taking photos. I also did the same but then still star strucked.. I couldnt even figure out how to open my camera to take the photo. I was behind many photographers and they were already breaking off from their pose for the photos and I did that snap shot.... WHEW!

Yep..I took this photo and I dont know who's that man in the middle.

After this shot everybody went  up to the press room for the interview. I managed to take a lot of horrible photos since everyone was blocking the view. I just held my point and shoot cam up and blindly pressed the shoot button over and over and trust that I can have at least one decent photo.

This is the result of that...good thing Im taller than the average people there..

After the the Q&A there was a brief photo op for the band and the sponsors and then the band started heading out.  Sorry for the bad quality and pop up of heads and cameras on the images.. people are in chaos and  just kept on taking photos.

 Yep, that's Ely's Ex-wife wearing that rainbow tank top. I used to hate her for breaking my heart..Ely was my super crush among the members when I was young.

Since I was alone, I had no one to ask to take a photo of myself with the band. I asked many people to take my photo as a favor but everyone seemed deaf and panicking to have that chance of having a picture with their idols. One lady was kind enough to take a photo of myself with Buddy. I asked him nicely if I could have my photo taken with him and he kindly obliged and even said "sure, of course".. sadly this one photo, Buddy's face was blurred :(

Me and Buddy Zabala, a very kind and nice man. How I wished it was the other way around.. me blurred face and him not. I really like him more now for being so nice and accommodating.. which my super crush Ely was not. He ran off so quickly with her ex wife dragging him out of the scene after the photo op.(okay i sound like a jealous fan again.. but he could have stayed a bit for us who were there for this opportunity!)

When I turned around to have a photo with the other members, they were gone. I felt really disappointed. When Buddy left the scene coming from behind me he even tapped my shoulder and said thank you and good bye. I didnt even notice at first that it was him who did that because people were going crazy. A lady we passed even made her iPad signed at the back by the whole band and Buddy felt bad for signing the iPad. A good man as what I always thought of him. He is now my super favorite among all.

Now I am much more excited for the concert tomorrow. I cant wait to hear them play again. 

I had lunch at a cafe adjacent to the hotel after and took a taxi home.. that's just half of my day, I will post a separate blog for the other back soon..CIAO!


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