Thursday, April 11, 2013

Elevation Burger Experience

One of myfrustrations about living in Dubai is eating good food (Actually, Chief and I). We always go out on Thursdays to unwind after a longweek of hard work and of course, to have good food. We get disappointed most of the time so we end up making food we want to eat at home which is actually too much hassle and work.

Then there's this one weekend that really made us feel like Harold and Kumar from the movie Harold& Kumar goes to White Castle. Our Elevation Burger Experience.
I was browsing through Cobone when I saw the deal for Elevation Burger. The picture looks enticing.We've been disappointed by all fast food burgers in this country--name it alland we've tried it---and every time we have the craving, we give in to McDonald's (though Mc Donald's from other country tasted better--)

I showed the deal toChief because I wanted to get the coupons for it. Of course he said NO andsaid, why beat the rush of getting the coupons when we can go there when wewant to because we can pay (ok fine! it's not that I'm being stingy, it was agood deal and I was being wise perhaps?!) So, yeah, we didn't get the coupon.

Last weekend we had avery late breakfast around 11:30am and around 3:30pm after browsing ElevationBurger's facebook page--I got obsessed. I need to try this burger pronto!!

Fresh Organic Burgers(not frozen), fresh potato fries cooked in olive oil, milkshakes... hmm...mymouth was watering thinking about it (and even now writing about it) andlooking at the photos.
I said I want to eat at Elevation Burger! Chief didn't have a choice, he just drove.. lol!

So we took a drive toSheikh Zayed Road and there it was the big round blue logo...I was jumping upand down my seat due to excitement. Chief said "I feel like we are Haroldand Kumar, I hope the burger tastes good--ME: I Hope so too!!) We parked,walked and ordered.

One Elevation Burger,fries and one milk shake each. Vanilla for Chief, Chocolate with Oreos for me.
We dined outside sincethe weather is nice. Here's our number while waiting for our order.

Sorry but it's just myBurger on the photo, Chief couldn't wait to try it and was already ravishing his burger when I took this see his hand on the right corner of the photo??

my order before the attack :p

and since I couldn'twait too, I bad quick photo of my chocolate milkshake:

It was perfect!
Itreminded me of In-n-Out Burger in Los Angeles.
I haven't been to the west coastfor years since my family settled on the east coast and having this burger justmade me go back to the very first moment I tried In-n-Out Burger..It's delish!!A sinful treat!!! Every bite was exquisite and for the first time in years, Ifinished a whole burger sandwich!

After Chief's firstbite he said "wow! finally! a match to my burgers!" I just rolled my eyes at him.. Though he makes really good homemade mini burgers--Elevation Burger is better (for me) as well as In n Out (sshhhh.. don't tell him that! lol!)

He ordered anothersandwich when I asked him to get me a sparkling water (the milkshake was not quenching my thirst, it became my dessert) He said he didn't want to get homecraving for it because he was not satisfied with how much he ate. But it turnedout he ate too much.. oh my goodness!

To summarize it all..we really were Harold and Kumar that moment. My mouth is watering right nowjust thinking about it. We are going again this weekend and I can't wait!

Elevation Burger is located at Latifa Building Sheikh Zayed Road (few buildings before the old Crown Plaza Hotel if you are coming from Dubai  heading Abu Dhabi--look for the Blue Round Logo!)



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