Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Just want to greet everyone a Happy New Year!! May the Lord God bless us all!!!

Sorry for not posting so much lately.. the holidays are taking a lot of my free time.. See you at 2010!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Konad Nail Stamp Kit

I gave it a lot of thought before getting this nail stamping kit.. It took me a week to finally decide. So this is basically what I got:

Konad Nail Stamping Nail Art Set. I got 3 special polishes, 4 design plates (that I got to choose), rubber stamper, scraper, Instruction CD and the plate guide. Actually the plate guide was free. The whole set costs around $50. (So now you know why I gave it a lot of thought huh?)
So here's what's inside the box. I picked black, white and red for my special nail polishes. I just think that these colors are the safest to be used for stamping designs and more neutral having any color as base, white and black works well with anything.
As for the plate designs, I got the M20, M25, M27 and M32. I was so excited in picking them out.. now  when I checked online for the available designs, I was a bit disappointed with some of the plates that I got.. I should have been more patient. I was not able to get a french tip plate :(
I've already tried using them and they are so much fun. My nails are so pretty. A lot of my colleagues have been commenting all about it and I even convinced one to get it as a Christmas gift for his wife :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyday Minerals Winter Color Collection

So.. let me present to you to the latest winter collection from Everyday Minerals..
I got samples of each of the Winter Colors and they're all fabulous! I love Neutral Colors because you can wear them anytime and it suits almost all complexions.  
I used them this morning for my winter look since it's a little bit chilly outside and I can't wait to try them. I've been collecting almost all of EDM's eye shadows because of its great pigmentation and because it blends very well.
I also ordered the Lavender Color Corrector. As what I mentioned on my previous email, I ordered this because I was advised that this  helps in preventing the EDM blushes form turning orange. I have this issue on EDM blushes and hopefully this solution works for me. Additional to this was the twilight kiss eye shadow.. which I love. Its a lovely purple color. I heard that it works great too as an eyeliner. 
Speaking of blushes, I ordered two of the marked down blushes for this season: Coffee Break and Bouquet. Two lovely taupe colors which can be used as blush, eye shadow and for contour. I used Coffee break as blush for my look today and it's pretty. The Image on the right shows the two blushes as well as my free Memphis Rose Blush.

Speaking of freebies..I have a free full size Memphis Rose blush which is a new shade that is not even available for purchase. I got it 'coz my order is more than $29 :) and I also got the Try Me-Winter Wonderland Eye Colors. So my freebies include 1 full size blush and 3 sample size of eye shadows. Lovely! :)

So, here's the image of all my orders:

Sorry if it came out a little dark..hopefully I can use them when I'm ready to make my own FOTDs or EOTDs :) I'm still not that confident :P

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Latest Everyday MInerals Winter Colors Collection Order..

Hello Everyone!! I apologize for the lack of much has happened the past few weeks and I'm trying to do some catching up on my blog. We already moved to the new flat and still not done with organizing everything. I've been purchasing a lot of things and I've taken photos of them but lacked the time to post them here.. but hopefully will soon..
So, I ordered sample sizes of EDM's Winter Collection and they just arrived today :) yay! They are mostly neutral eye colors (which i love 'coz goes well with my skin color) and a new blush too.. I also added two(2) large sizes of marked down blushes from the "Spring Clean" collection, Bouquet and Coffee Break..the two colors looks promising and I love them.. it's so much different from my other blushes and I cant wait to try them. 
Besides my order, I also got a freebie (another yay!! who hates freebies?? everybody loves freebies!!) Memphis Rose Blush since my order is over $29.

Here's the list of my latest order from EDM:

Your Order #102038533 (placed on December 2, 2009)

Lavender Color Corrector - BIG
Try Me – Winter Wonderland
Juniper - SAMPLE
Cardamom - SAMPLE
All Spice - SAMPLE
Nutmeg - SAMPLE
Wild Vines - SAMPLE
Twilight Kiss
Bouquet - BIG
Coffee Break - BIG
Shipping & Handling
Grand Total
 I also ordered a big Lavender Color Corrector for my blushes since some of them turn orange on me. I was advised to get it on the EDM Forum to help prevent the blushes from turning orange. I'll let you all know if it works. 
I also have a small LUSH haul that I purchased yesterday. I got the ever popular Coalface Soap and Magnaminty Mask then the cashier lady gave me a small portion of their Rockstar Soap. This is the first time I'm trying their products. I'll give a review later.

I'll be taking photos of my new hauls and I'll post them here soon.