Saturday, October 17, 2009

The makeup that I can't live without..and a little ELF product review

Call me a cheapskate but I love these $1 Water proof eyeliner pens from ELF. They are very easy to use and very cheap. It glides very easily on my upper lids and I think for those people who have trouble keeping their hands from shaking when lining the eyes, this is the product to use.  The colors are really pigmented and I can make the perfect cat eye with it.

See I have all the available colors and I love every single one of them..

Reviewing some of the ELF products, I can say that this one of my favorites. They do make good quality makeup for such a low price. But of course, you need to check the reviews before you purchase products from them 'coz not all are that good. Some could be really really good and some could be not. I actually breakout from their face products except for the Mineral Booster, the only face product that I use from ELF.
I will be making more reviews of their products specially the ones that I use everyday, just hang in there :)


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