Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Skin Food Haul

I went out for dinner last night. Due to the rush hour traffic I decided to head to the mall and burn a few hours there than being stuck inside the car. I knew from the moment he decided to do this that this wont do good for me..or the other way around..hahahha.. because I might end up buying things again.. I really can't help it!
We passed by the Skin Food Store and of course I cannot be there and not go inside to check some products.. I have been eyeing to get their Salmon Dark Circle Cream Concealer for some time now and I haven't been to a mall were Skin Food Store was available.

I remember that my moisturizer is almost out so I thought of trying a moisturizer from Skin Food since it's natural and it might do well for my very sensitive skin. The lady from the store recommended the Parsley and Mandarin Cream for troubled skin. She told me that she has been using the same product plus their Tea Tree Toner also for troubled skin.
Okay you might wonder why I prefer the products for troubled skin. Well, since I moved here in Dubai three years ago, my skin had problems adjusting to their water and weather. I would have breakouts from time to time, sometimes mild sometimes worse and so far I've been able to manage it well lately.. and of course I'm having my fingers crossed on this one.. I'm still on the search for the perfect product combination for my skin.. which will help in balancing my skin's Ph level as well as the water to keep them from having bad reactions that causes breakouts. Would yo believe that even for shampoo and conditioner, it took time for the best combination for myself to prevent the hairline and back acne as well as bad dandruff that I acquired because of the water here... but that one I already had it solved.. only the skin regimen combination left to be perfected... and I can feel that I'm close to the finish line on this one.
So again.. here they are:
 I started using it last night and I woke up with a matte (not oily) face, which is a very good sign.. and I used it this morning before putting on my makeup. Compared to yesterday, I started blotting for oil after 2 hours.. but for this one I started blotting after 3 hours and only very minimal oiliness.. which is really great :) I'm beginning to love these products..

The Toner felt nice. It smells like tea tree of course with a very mild minty smell on it. The scent was not strong and I didn't feel any tinge or any sign of harshness from it. As for the cream, it has this very mild mandarin smell which was relaxing and nice, and after applying you can feel that it seeps through your skin.

Okay now, I know I was supposed to get the Salmon Dark Circle Cream Concealer..but since I still have a whole jar of concealer from EM, I thought of getting this one after I finished the other. I'm trying to be a good girl now :)

I'll give an update on the results of this product. So far.. I'm loving it!

*Update: October 29,2009
Okay, I know its too soon to give some feedback about these products but Im really excited. See, after using it for barely three days I've been experiencing great results for them. Yesterday when I went home from work I washed my face, which was a natural routine for me to remove all the dirt and makeup of the day. When I was rinsing all the soap from my face I felt a huge difference for my skin. It was smoother and softer than ever. Of course I would notice this right away since I know how my skin feels. Then this morning it was better than last night.
I never expected fast results from these products. I've tried so many products before and so far the result from this is far most the best and fastest. I mean you can really feel the result and see that my pimple marks started lightening too. Another thing was my white heads and blackheads are popping out of my skin by themselves, they are very easy to remove.
The only negative thing so far is the oiliness on my nose.. but I dont mind blotting it once in a while if I have better skin results for the rest of my face. Im having my fingers crossed here, and Im really hoping that this will conitinue to make my skin better :) CIAO!

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