Saturday, October 17, 2009

My weekend stash

I was out last Thursday night and I though of getting a makeup remover since I'm almost out of it.. and I also got some NYX Round Lipsticks and Lipgloss.

Price: 25Aed (about $6.5) for 125ml bottle
Review:  I tried it when I got home to remove my eye makeup. I used a facial tissue and I can say that it works as good as my Clinique eye makeup remover.

The two nyx round lipsticks I got.. Frappucino and Perfect..

With Flash

The Swatches:
The first one is Perfect, its a little orange like a coral shade, its pretty. Then the second one is the Frappucino, and its a nice color for everyday look and of course the lipgloss I got was the last color from this swatch.

Without the Flash

I think that difference between the two colors are more visible on this swatch.