Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Coastal Scents Collection

I've been an avid fan of several ladies who does makeup on youtube. They've used many products and the one that intrigued me the most were the Coastal Scents Palette. I got one of each, the 88 Piece Matte & Satin Palette, the 88 Piece Shimmer Palette and the 88 Piece Warm Palette.. I made some looks, my own version of course, using them.
My stash includes the following:
-88 Piece Original Matte and Satin Palette
-88 Piece Warm Palette
-88 Piece Shimmer Palette
-Tru Black Gel Liner (Black)
-Truffle Gel Liner (Dark Brown)
The 88 Piece Matte and Satin Palette:


  The 88 Piece Warm Palette:

The 88 Piece Shimmer Palette:



  1. you're so lucky; i wish i have them^^

  2. I know!! I would really recommend it. I've been getting great compliments at work for the different eyeshadow colors I use everyday using these palettes. If you have the chance, try to get them ;)