Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Beauty Awakening...

I was boyish when I was young. I never thought that I would be interested with fashion and girlie stuffs just thinking about how I was then..All my friends were boys, the activities that I enjoy are mostly boyish and most of my cousins that Im close to are boys...I was never close to my elder sister 'coz she was so girly, I found it irritating to be girly that parents never thought that a day would come that I would start fixing myself and be lady like.. I've been in love with makeup since I don't recall anymore.. I was exposed to it because my elder sister had so much of it during the times when she was joining those prestigiuos beauty pageants in our country.. She had like big cases of it and I remember that she even had this very pretty set of brushes that my mom got her for the same purpose..
I first started wearing makeup with face powders and lipstick pencils on my freshman year back in College..I remember that what was on style that time were those dark lipsticks in brick colors.. I got so addicted that during my break times at school I would bring my girlfirends to the nearest mall near our university and go to the cosmetic section to purchase different colors everyday until I almost got all the shades..
Another obsession of mine that time were nail polishes. I remember my Mom and specially my Dad teases me every time they see me change my nail color. Without exaggeration, there was even a day that I changed my nail color 4X in one day...that was how obsessed I was. But the average was 2X a wont believe how much nail polish I had that time.. I even have three bottles of my favorite shades for backup.. I guess during those times I was more obsessed with nail polish that makeups. I even color my nails black when I'm sad..It was an indication then that I was unhappy..
Oh well, that's basically how I started everything :)

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