Tuesday, October 27, 2009

EM Haul Pictures

Here are the pictures of my latest Everyday Minerals Stash. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures on this one, Dan already packed all the small electronics  we have in one box including the camera and he wont let me open it :P So I used my iPhone to take them..  As what I've mentioned on some of my previous blogs, we are moving to a new flat soon that's why a lot of packing are being done :) 
Please check my previous email for the list of products :)

This Wishing Well blush is my freebie for this set of order. It's their freebie of the month (they change it from time to time) for all orders up to $28....It's a new blush shade and it is not available on the store, it only comes as a free gift. Maybe after a while they will add it on their blushes too...
I added this Spring Berries Lip Balm to my order to avail the freebie (haha.. showing my cheapskate side again)

After getting this set of order, I took a picture of my EM Collection.. I can't believe now how much I have now.. I'm predicting that one day, I have every single item that they have... har! har! har!

The First drawer (left) are all the blushes that I have.. Second drawer (middle) are all my eye shadow colors (in three layers :P)and palettes..Third Drawer (last) are my Base Colors and Concealers also in three layers..:P

After settling in on the new flat I'll take a picture of all my EM Products and make a review. :)

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