Monday, October 12, 2009

A gift from my couple friend..

Though it's a few months late, I still want to post this. A couple friend of mine got me this makeup case for my birthday.. how lovely right? (Thanks to Marc and Geom)

It was actually given to me a few weeks after my birthday and it was unexpected so you wont believe how ecstatic I was when I got it. Too bad I wasn't able to take the picture when it was still wrapped with this glittery red tool cloth they used to wrap it up.. it was a pretty sight..

So here's a shot of the makeup case closed..

and this is how it looks when opened...

The only comment I have would be the layers of trays for the second and third levels.. half of the tray is covered and you wont be able to see the products that will be stored underneath the thing.
But what the heck, come on, it was a demanding could I be??

But overall, it is pretty spacious. I can't believe that when I organized my current collection, I filled only 1/3 of it. But that was during that time.. I had a few pending orders of makeups and when all my stash arrived.. this case was not enough to house them..

Now these are my collections as of end of August...

I had this IKEA tray as my case for all these makeups, I have two of those, one for Mineral Makeup (the one on the right) and the other one for non-mineral ones (left).

Currently, I use this case for my makeup stocks :P My husband got me this wooden case with several drawers from IKEA for the makeups that I use everyday which is placed on top of my vanity.

We are moving to a new flat soon. I already have plans on what to do on my vanity for the new place. Once it's fixed I'll have it posted here..


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