Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Just want to greet everyone a Happy New Year!! May the Lord God bless us all!!!

Sorry for not posting so much lately.. the holidays are taking a lot of my free time.. See you at 2010!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Konad Nail Stamp Kit

I gave it a lot of thought before getting this nail stamping kit.. It took me a week to finally decide. So this is basically what I got:

Konad Nail Stamping Nail Art Set. I got 3 special polishes, 4 design plates (that I got to choose), rubber stamper, scraper, Instruction CD and the plate guide. Actually the plate guide was free. The whole set costs around $50. (So now you know why I gave it a lot of thought huh?)
So here's what's inside the box. I picked black, white and red for my special nail polishes. I just think that these colors are the safest to be used for stamping designs and more neutral having any color as base, white and black works well with anything.
As for the plate designs, I got the M20, M25, M27 and M32. I was so excited in picking them out.. now  when I checked online for the available designs, I was a bit disappointed with some of the plates that I got.. I should have been more patient. I was not able to get a french tip plate :(
I've already tried using them and they are so much fun. My nails are so pretty. A lot of my colleagues have been commenting all about it and I even convinced one to get it as a Christmas gift for his wife :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyday Minerals Winter Color Collection

So.. let me present to you to the latest winter collection from Everyday Minerals..
I got samples of each of the Winter Colors and they're all fabulous! I love Neutral Colors because you can wear them anytime and it suits almost all complexions.  
I used them this morning for my winter look since it's a little bit chilly outside and I can't wait to try them. I've been collecting almost all of EDM's eye shadows because of its great pigmentation and because it blends very well.
I also ordered the Lavender Color Corrector. As what I mentioned on my previous email, I ordered this because I was advised that this  helps in preventing the EDM blushes form turning orange. I have this issue on EDM blushes and hopefully this solution works for me. Additional to this was the twilight kiss eye shadow.. which I love. Its a lovely purple color. I heard that it works great too as an eyeliner. 
Speaking of blushes, I ordered two of the marked down blushes for this season: Coffee Break and Bouquet. Two lovely taupe colors which can be used as blush, eye shadow and for contour. I used Coffee break as blush for my look today and it's pretty. The Image on the right shows the two blushes as well as my free Memphis Rose Blush.

Speaking of freebies..I have a free full size Memphis Rose blush which is a new shade that is not even available for purchase. I got it 'coz my order is more than $29 :) and I also got the Try Me-Winter Wonderland Eye Colors. So my freebies include 1 full size blush and 3 sample size of eye shadows. Lovely! :)

So, here's the image of all my orders:

Sorry if it came out a little dark..hopefully I can use them when I'm ready to make my own FOTDs or EOTDs :) I'm still not that confident :P

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Latest Everyday MInerals Winter Colors Collection Order..

Hello Everyone!! I apologize for the lack of much has happened the past few weeks and I'm trying to do some catching up on my blog. We already moved to the new flat and still not done with organizing everything. I've been purchasing a lot of things and I've taken photos of them but lacked the time to post them here.. but hopefully will soon..
So, I ordered sample sizes of EDM's Winter Collection and they just arrived today :) yay! They are mostly neutral eye colors (which i love 'coz goes well with my skin color) and a new blush too.. I also added two(2) large sizes of marked down blushes from the "Spring Clean" collection, Bouquet and Coffee Break..the two colors looks promising and I love them.. it's so much different from my other blushes and I cant wait to try them. 
Besides my order, I also got a freebie (another yay!! who hates freebies?? everybody loves freebies!!) Memphis Rose Blush since my order is over $29.

Here's the list of my latest order from EDM:

Your Order #102038533 (placed on December 2, 2009)

Lavender Color Corrector - BIG
Try Me – Winter Wonderland
Juniper - SAMPLE
Cardamom - SAMPLE
All Spice - SAMPLE
Nutmeg - SAMPLE
Wild Vines - SAMPLE
Twilight Kiss
Bouquet - BIG
Coffee Break - BIG
Shipping & Handling
Grand Total
 I also ordered a big Lavender Color Corrector for my blushes since some of them turn orange on me. I was advised to get it on the EDM Forum to help prevent the blushes from turning orange. I'll let you all know if it works. 
I also have a small LUSH haul that I purchased yesterday. I got the ever popular Coalface Soap and Magnaminty Mask then the cashier lady gave me a small portion of their Rockstar Soap. This is the first time I'm trying their products. I'll give a review later.

I'll be taking photos of my new hauls and I'll post them here soon.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Been busy lately..

Hello everyone..
I've been so busy for the past few weeks.. we just moved in our new flat and a lot of things were needed to be done. Finally the internet connection is now hooked at home YAY! I could finally update my blog. Did a lot of shopping lately and will be posting them here soon.
Hang in there ladies.. CIAO!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Skin Food Haul

I went out for dinner last night. Due to the rush hour traffic I decided to head to the mall and burn a few hours there than being stuck inside the car. I knew from the moment he decided to do this that this wont do good for me..or the other way around..hahahha.. because I might end up buying things again.. I really can't help it!
We passed by the Skin Food Store and of course I cannot be there and not go inside to check some products.. I have been eyeing to get their Salmon Dark Circle Cream Concealer for some time now and I haven't been to a mall were Skin Food Store was available.

I remember that my moisturizer is almost out so I thought of trying a moisturizer from Skin Food since it's natural and it might do well for my very sensitive skin. The lady from the store recommended the Parsley and Mandarin Cream for troubled skin. She told me that she has been using the same product plus their Tea Tree Toner also for troubled skin.
Okay you might wonder why I prefer the products for troubled skin. Well, since I moved here in Dubai three years ago, my skin had problems adjusting to their water and weather. I would have breakouts from time to time, sometimes mild sometimes worse and so far I've been able to manage it well lately.. and of course I'm having my fingers crossed on this one.. I'm still on the search for the perfect product combination for my skin.. which will help in balancing my skin's Ph level as well as the water to keep them from having bad reactions that causes breakouts. Would yo believe that even for shampoo and conditioner, it took time for the best combination for myself to prevent the hairline and back acne as well as bad dandruff that I acquired because of the water here... but that one I already had it solved.. only the skin regimen combination left to be perfected... and I can feel that I'm close to the finish line on this one.
So again.. here they are:
 I started using it last night and I woke up with a matte (not oily) face, which is a very good sign.. and I used it this morning before putting on my makeup. Compared to yesterday, I started blotting for oil after 2 hours.. but for this one I started blotting after 3 hours and only very minimal oiliness.. which is really great :) I'm beginning to love these products..

The Toner felt nice. It smells like tea tree of course with a very mild minty smell on it. The scent was not strong and I didn't feel any tinge or any sign of harshness from it. As for the cream, it has this very mild mandarin smell which was relaxing and nice, and after applying you can feel that it seeps through your skin.

Okay now, I know I was supposed to get the Salmon Dark Circle Cream Concealer..but since I still have a whole jar of concealer from EM, I thought of getting this one after I finished the other. I'm trying to be a good girl now :)

I'll give an update on the results of this product. So far.. I'm loving it!

*Update: October 29,2009
Okay, I know its too soon to give some feedback about these products but Im really excited. See, after using it for barely three days I've been experiencing great results for them. Yesterday when I went home from work I washed my face, which was a natural routine for me to remove all the dirt and makeup of the day. When I was rinsing all the soap from my face I felt a huge difference for my skin. It was smoother and softer than ever. Of course I would notice this right away since I know how my skin feels. Then this morning it was better than last night.
I never expected fast results from these products. I've tried so many products before and so far the result from this is far most the best and fastest. I mean you can really feel the result and see that my pimple marks started lightening too. Another thing was my white heads and blackheads are popping out of my skin by themselves, they are very easy to remove.
The only negative thing so far is the oiliness on my nose.. but I dont mind blotting it once in a while if I have better skin results for the rest of my face. Im having my fingers crossed here, and Im really hoping that this will conitinue to make my skin better :) CIAO!

EM Haul Pictures

Here are the pictures of my latest Everyday Minerals Stash. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures on this one, Dan already packed all the small electronics  we have in one box including the camera and he wont let me open it :P So I used my iPhone to take them..  As what I've mentioned on some of my previous blogs, we are moving to a new flat soon that's why a lot of packing are being done :) 
Please check my previous email for the list of products :)

This Wishing Well blush is my freebie for this set of order. It's their freebie of the month (they change it from time to time) for all orders up to $28....It's a new blush shade and it is not available on the store, it only comes as a free gift. Maybe after a while they will add it on their blushes too...
I added this Spring Berries Lip Balm to my order to avail the freebie (haha.. showing my cheapskate side again)

After getting this set of order, I took a picture of my EM Collection.. I can't believe now how much I have now.. I'm predicting that one day, I have every single item that they have... har! har! har!

The First drawer (left) are all the blushes that I have.. Second drawer (middle) are all my eye shadow colors (in three layers :P)and palettes..Third Drawer (last) are my Base Colors and Concealers also in three layers..:P

After settling in on the new flat I'll take a picture of all my EM Products and make a review. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Latest EM Haul Arrived today!

I just got my latest delivery from Everyday Minerals. This is my favorite Mineral Makeup brand. It is cheap and it has good quality. I've been recommending it to friends and family. I will update this post with the pictures of my Haul.
Here's the list of my current order that just arrived:
Try Me - Eco Eyes
Try Me - Eco Eyes

1 x Eco-Friendly - SAMPLE $0.00
1 x Sunset Voyage - SAMPLE $0.00
1 x Jasmine Tea - SAMPLE $0.00
Try Me - Earth Blush
Try Me - Earth Blush

1 x Email Me - SAMPLE $0.00
1 x Waffle Cone - SAMPLE $0.00
1 x Snooze Bar - SAMPLE $0.00
Dandelions - SAMPLE
Leaps & Bounds - SAMPLE
Hot Chocolate - SAMPLE
Exhale - SAMPLE
Dusty Miller - SAMPLE
Natural Reflections Medium Bronzer - Sample
Try Me - Base - OLIVE
Try Me - Olive - Kits

1 x Olive-Light Olive - Original Glo - Sample $0.00
1 x Olive-Olive Fair - Intensive - Sample $0.00
1 x Olive-Golden Medium - Semi-Matte - Sample $0.00
1 x Olive-Olive Medium - Matte - Sample $0.00
Spring Berries
Shipping & Handling
Grand Total

Can't wait to get home and swatch them all :)

This made me think of something... I haven't really posted my EDM Collection on my blog so.. Im planning on doing that..  maybe some reviews for the products like the foundations, concealers, brushes and etc.. Im so excited.. I love Everyday Minerals!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The makeup that I can't live without..and a little ELF product review

Call me a cheapskate but I love these $1 Water proof eyeliner pens from ELF. They are very easy to use and very cheap. It glides very easily on my upper lids and I think for those people who have trouble keeping their hands from shaking when lining the eyes, this is the product to use.  The colors are really pigmented and I can make the perfect cat eye with it.

See I have all the available colors and I love every single one of them..

Reviewing some of the ELF products, I can say that this one of my favorites. They do make good quality makeup for such a low price. But of course, you need to check the reviews before you purchase products from them 'coz not all are that good. Some could be really really good and some could be not. I actually breakout from their face products except for the Mineral Booster, the only face product that I use from ELF.
I will be making more reviews of their products specially the ones that I use everyday, just hang in there :)


My Coastal Scents Collection

I've been an avid fan of several ladies who does makeup on youtube. They've used many products and the one that intrigued me the most were the Coastal Scents Palette. I got one of each, the 88 Piece Matte & Satin Palette, the 88 Piece Shimmer Palette and the 88 Piece Warm Palette.. I made some looks, my own version of course, using them.
My stash includes the following:
-88 Piece Original Matte and Satin Palette
-88 Piece Warm Palette
-88 Piece Shimmer Palette
-Tru Black Gel Liner (Black)
-Truffle Gel Liner (Dark Brown)
The 88 Piece Matte and Satin Palette:


  The 88 Piece Warm Palette:

The 88 Piece Shimmer Palette:


My weekend stash

I was out last Thursday night and I though of getting a makeup remover since I'm almost out of it.. and I also got some NYX Round Lipsticks and Lipgloss.

Price: 25Aed (about $6.5) for 125ml bottle
Review:  I tried it when I got home to remove my eye makeup. I used a facial tissue and I can say that it works as good as my Clinique eye makeup remover.

The two nyx round lipsticks I got.. Frappucino and Perfect..

With Flash

The Swatches:
The first one is Perfect, its a little orange like a coral shade, its pretty. Then the second one is the Frappucino, and its a nice color for everyday look and of course the lipgloss I got was the last color from this swatch.

Without the Flash

I think that difference between the two colors are more visible on this swatch.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Company's New Office Building

Al Hamad Office Building, Sharjah Freezone

This is one of the projects I handled and worked on. I was the Project Architect. It's actually a simple office building but I decided to share it since I played a big part on the design and coordination for it. Please feel free to give your comments.

Face Shape Makeup Contour Guide

I don't recall from which website I got this image from. I really want to remember to give credit to the person who posted this on line. Of course, I wanna share it too so I thought of posting it here on my blog.

Hope this helps all the makeup fanatics like myself


Apple Cider Vinegar Toner and Breakouts?

I make it a habit to check makeup alley almost everyday to check on the latest reviews for the different beauty products.Someone has advised me to check the product reviews first from this site before I purchase them. I just wish I was introduced to it a long time ago so I would have prevented myself to make some bad makeup purchases..

I've been having some serious breakouts lately, and I wonder why 'coz usually I only have breakouts during the time of the month.. you know what I mean..  and Ive tried.. believe me I really did try.. almost all the products out there in the market to help me out with this skin problem that I acquired when I moved to Dubai (because of the water).

Going back to makeup alley, I came across with the Apple Cider Vinegar Toner. I read all the reviews and some of the ladies even shared their recipes that works for them... So I thought, what the heck, a bottle of apple cider vinegar is cheap so I went to the grocery immediately after work to get it. I used the simplest formula that was shared. 1:1 Ratio for distilled water and the ACV. 

It's my third day of using the product and so far, I'm feeling and seeing some good results for it. My skin was softer, oiliness was reduced ( I have combination skin by the way), and the pimple swelling was less.. They said it could also help with lightening the scars.The only downside would be the smell, its not appealing at all..So before I massage it on my face, I usually take deep breaths first and hold it while I put the product on.. hahaha...I'm thinking of trying the recipe where they added green tea, they said it makes the smell a little less and more bearable..
I'll get back on this one after a while to inform you of the results for longer usage of this product.. but so far.. Im loving it.

My Beauty Awakening...

I was boyish when I was young. I never thought that I would be interested with fashion and girlie stuffs just thinking about how I was then..All my friends were boys, the activities that I enjoy are mostly boyish and most of my cousins that Im close to are boys...I was never close to my elder sister 'coz she was so girly, I found it irritating to be girly that parents never thought that a day would come that I would start fixing myself and be lady like.. I've been in love with makeup since I don't recall anymore.. I was exposed to it because my elder sister had so much of it during the times when she was joining those prestigiuos beauty pageants in our country.. She had like big cases of it and I remember that she even had this very pretty set of brushes that my mom got her for the same purpose..
I first started wearing makeup with face powders and lipstick pencils on my freshman year back in College..I remember that what was on style that time were those dark lipsticks in brick colors.. I got so addicted that during my break times at school I would bring my girlfirends to the nearest mall near our university and go to the cosmetic section to purchase different colors everyday until I almost got all the shades..
Another obsession of mine that time were nail polishes. I remember my Mom and specially my Dad teases me every time they see me change my nail color. Without exaggeration, there was even a day that I changed my nail color 4X in one day...that was how obsessed I was. But the average was 2X a wont believe how much nail polish I had that time.. I even have three bottles of my favorite shades for backup.. I guess during those times I was more obsessed with nail polish that makeups. I even color my nails black when I'm sad..It was an indication then that I was unhappy..
Oh well, that's basically how I started everything :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Home for a Colleague

A Colleague of mine asked me to design a home that he wants to build for his family in the Philippines.. It's quite small but he gave me the details that he wants for this new home..This will be built in Iloilo City, Philippines

Here's the Facade...

They have a budget for the house that's why we didn't elaborate too much and made it simple but nice.

I also made a proposed interior for the kitchen of this home.

Will post other works soon!

Please feel free to make some comments. Thanks for viewing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A gift from my couple friend..

Though it's a few months late, I still want to post this. A couple friend of mine got me this makeup case for my birthday.. how lovely right? (Thanks to Marc and Geom)

It was actually given to me a few weeks after my birthday and it was unexpected so you wont believe how ecstatic I was when I got it. Too bad I wasn't able to take the picture when it was still wrapped with this glittery red tool cloth they used to wrap it up.. it was a pretty sight..

So here's a shot of the makeup case closed..

and this is how it looks when opened...

The only comment I have would be the layers of trays for the second and third levels.. half of the tray is covered and you wont be able to see the products that will be stored underneath the thing.
But what the heck, come on, it was a demanding could I be??

But overall, it is pretty spacious. I can't believe that when I organized my current collection, I filled only 1/3 of it. But that was during that time.. I had a few pending orders of makeups and when all my stash arrived.. this case was not enough to house them..

Now these are my collections as of end of August...

I had this IKEA tray as my case for all these makeups, I have two of those, one for Mineral Makeup (the one on the right) and the other one for non-mineral ones (left).

Currently, I use this case for my makeup stocks :P My husband got me this wooden case with several drawers from IKEA for the makeups that I use everyday which is placed on top of my vanity.

We are moving to a new flat soon. I already have plans on what to do on my vanity for the new place. Once it's fixed I'll have it posted here..