Sunday, March 30, 2014

Product Review : Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap another Skin Lightening Japanese Wonder!

Many people, men and women, out there are obsessed to getting whiter skin.. Okay, I'm speaking for mostly Asians.. they have this misconception that white / lighter skin is beautiful no matter what..

Of course it is the opposite for western people.. they just love the golden skin and tan.. 
I am one of the Asians that love my skin color.. I'm olive. I admit, it was not easy growing up to have darker skin. I was always teased by friends and at school for being the so called "dark".. This is why my Uni friends and classmates gave me the title "darkbeauty" which is I am very proud of by the way.. I've used this as my nickname on websites. 

I've used a whitening soap in the last two days.. and I was so impressed I just have to blog about it.

Okay, i don't want to get whiter skin.. the reason I was trying this soap was to lighten the marks that I have on my back because of pimples. I've had this soap in my vanity closet since last year because of a friend's recommendation but haven't really tried it since the last two days. I'm suffering from back acne in the last month for the reason I do not know. Could be because of the shampoo and conditioner, it also could be because I've been eating a lot of chicken lately. I'm allergic to chicken her in UAE (only!! not outside UAE! I don't know what's with the chicken here!) I get itchy rashes, little bumps and chicken skin anywhere all over my body wherever it feels like.. and lately I've noticed that the pimples on my back got worse when I ate chicken.. So this gave in to me trying this soap.. WHY?

I read on reviews that this soap makes the skin dry as side effect of the whitening because it exfoliates your skin. Since I didn't mind that because I have natural oily skin.. If it could help drying the pimples on my back and lighten the scars.. why not??! I will just moisturize after shower.
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This is what's inside the box..

Lather the soap all over the body and let it sit for minimum of 3 minutes.. just like the Tokyo Love Soap. I suggest you lather until white foam of soap is formed and just lightly massage all over your body..

After rinse and wiping with a towel this is the result after two days of use.. 

That's my leg by the way.. I just did a little bit of gentle rubbing and the skin is just shedding off..
my knee..
Do not rub too hard.. you do not want to damage your skin..

i believe with the continuous use of this product, you will see visible whiter skin in a week or two.. 

The only downside is it's really drying the skin because of exfoliation which can be remedied by using a lotion or a good body butter as how I do it to bring back moisture on your skin and VIOLA!!! You're good to go!

Kojie San can be bought from Pharmacies, Beauty Shops in the Philippines and I think it is available at West Zone Supermarkets all over Dubai. 

Another tried and tested product. I hope this review was helpful!



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