Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reflecting on the year 2013 Part 02

April, May, June, July was all concentrated on getting back on shape - health wise. So I was doing all the checkups and treatments. Also Went back to work. 
I wanted to give up my stressful job then and find a less stressful one only to realize that there is no such thing. My company gave me a reasonable raise, and more managerial responsibilities to convince me to stay. I gave it some thought, and also for my love for my job I decided to stay.  At least with my current company they already know my capabilities and the history of my health so there's more consideration. 

August we had a holiday in Sri Lanka of which I have shared here and here. It was a last minute decision that we are very glad we did which led us to the discovery of this beautiful country.
We Climbed up Sigiriya..
Our Hotel in Kandy..
The Safari Experience..

September was back to work briefly til it was time for Eid Al Adha

October was Eid Al Adha Celebration and we went to Singapore of which I will write a separate blog soon..

November was again back to work which went by so quickly..

December was white Christmas in US with my family. This is the best of all. I have not seen my family for a few years and the last time we were complete was back 2008 so it was quite a big thing. For me the time we spent there was not enough. I missed my family so much. And the last time I was with them for Christmas was 7 years ago. 

Thank you 2013, it was indeed a  blessed year for us. 



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