Friday, October 11, 2013

Tokyo Love Soap Review & October Promotion

Hey Everyone! A week has passed again and I am very excited. The Eid Holidays are coming in the next few days and Chief & I are going to Singapore for a 6-day R&R! We are leaving in the next two days!!!YAY!

So, I want to talk about my review for the Tokyo Love Soap that I ordered last month which was featured on this blog. I bought their Premium soap as recommended by my cousin and added the KEU Whitening Corrector Cream. I picked the Tokyo Love Soap Ultimate as my freebie. 
My thoughts.. 
The premium soap is what I tried first. Upon first use, you can feel the difference in the texture of your skin, it is smoother! I washed my face and made sure to follow the instructions to leave the lather for 3 minutes before washing it off. My face was indeed lighter at first use and more on the succeeding days. I also used the soap on my whole body. 
The skin on my face felt like a baby's bum, so soft and supple, and as for my body there's a bit of a difference in many aspects. It made my skin smoother. 
After sometime of using, I have noticed the micro-peeling on my skin (after 3 weeks of use or maybe earlier, I was not just paying much attention earlier because I rush off after shower to get ready for work). As you wipe yourself with a towel to dry after the shower you will notice that your skin is shedding lightly. I don't know if it will increase more but I will try to take notice and share the info if it does. 
The scent of the soap is mild floral, which is beautiful. I notice the deodorizing power not only for the body but also "down there". I stopped using underarm deodorant and just use this soap with the KEU Whitening Corrector Cream on my armpits. So far I am loving it.
One thing I noticed though was that my face became more oily. So i stopped using it on my face. Since the Premium Soap is formulated to help with ageing, then it is designed to extra moisturize. Maybe if I try using the other variants for my face, it will give me a different reaction. I have read that each soap has a different effect on each person. So this probably is the case for me. This is why I am looking forward to trying the Ultimate variant. Sadly this variant is already discontinued :( I will be really pissed if this one works better for me than the premium.
You might want to check their website because they released now products.
These are now the new variants of Tokyo Love Soap..

By the way, let me share a good experience with the TLS Customer Service. 
I ordered soaps for my sister as a birthday gift that she requested from me. Of course I made sure to have the order reach $50 to avail the promotion for September. I chose the Premium soap for her. 
When my sister received the package, she received an original instead of the Premium. I was a bit disappointed when she sent me photos of her package to thank me. So I wrote to the customer service to make the complaint. 
I was given an immediate response that they will look into the case and check if they did the mistake of sending the wrong soap as a a freebie. After a few hours another email came acknowledging the mistake and as an apology they wanted to send me a Premium soap. 
I was surprised with this treatment on how they take care of their customers. I told them to just send the free Premium soap on my next order instead of now. They agreed and asked me to inform them via email on my next shipment. Isn't that amazing? 

Right now TLS has a new promotion:

For every 3, 5 or 10 Tokyo Love Soaps you purchase whether they are assorted or just one type, you will get freebies of your choice for this month!
3 Tokyo Love Soaps will give you 1 Tokyo Love Soap of your choice for free
5 Tokyo Love Soaps will give you 2 Tokyo Love Soaps of your choice for free
10 Tokyo Love Soaps will give you 5 Tokyo Love Soaps of your choice for free
If the soap exceeds 10 pieces, it will still gain free soaps based on the increments of 3, 5 and 10. Example:
13 Soaps will give you 6 freebies, 15 soaps will give you 7 freebies and 20 soaps will give you 10 freebies!
·         This promo is only valid from October 9 to 31, 2013 and only applies to Tokyo Love Soap Original, Girls, Pure Girls, Professional and Premium.
·         Not valid with any other coupon code. Coupon code “ilovetls” (without the “) should be entered.
·         The freebies will not show in your cart but will be sent together with your purchase.
·         You are REQUIRED to instruct us on your soap of choice including a reference of your order (4 digit order ID or your email used in ordering) within 1 hour upon ordering you can either:
1. Email them at
2.Leave an offline message on their chat system.
3. Put a customer instruction via ORDER NOTES upon checkout. Order notes is seen on checkout page just below the SHIPPING ADDRESS form.

An example of an instruction would be: : Hi, my order ID is 9062, I bought 10 soaps. I want 2 pure girls, 1 orginal, i premium, and 1 professional as my freebies."

I cannot wait to try the other variants of TLS. As for now I still have 5 unopened soaps with me. 

For some people who are wondering how long a bar of TLS can last, I am looking at 4 weeks when used on your whole body, face and private parts. It has been 3 weeks now since I have used the soap and it is still 1/3 big. I just make sure that after use I put it on my rubber soap holder that drains all excess water of the soap so it doesn't melt quickly. 

I hope this review was a big help to all you ladies out there who are curious and wanted a fair review of this product. 




  1. Hello. Can I check the original can be used on face as well? Does the premium have whitening effects? As I wanted to use more for my arm pits.

    1. Ciao Evelyn, Yes, the original can be used in the face. All TLS Soaps have whitening effects. i have not personally tried the orginal but I heard of its good effects ffrom friends. Some are more compatible with Premium, some with Original, etc.. Meaning they have maximum whitening effect compared on other TLS soaps. I have noticed Ultimate has better whitening effect on me than Premium but I have yet to try the original which will be part of next order from TLS. Btw, I have stopped using deodorant since I used TLS soap. Good luck!

  2. Any feedback on the keu cream?

    1. Ciao Bibzky, The KEU whitening Correcting cream works wonders. I bought it specifically to use for my elbows and underarms. With the combination of using the soap and the KEU Cream on my underarms I did not need to put deodorant. All the more that helped with smoothing and whitening my underarms since deodorants play a big factor with darkening (happens to me). My elbows have gone lighter too.. I suggest you give it a try :) good luck!